Countries Saved From ‘IS’ did not ‘Thank’ The United States

Countries Saved From ‘IS’ did not ‘Thank’ The United States

Third World WarWashington: United States missiles will be hitting Syria. President Trump had warned on Wednesday that Russia, who has challenged the United States should remain prepared. It was expected that United States will initiate missile attacks on Syria within hours. The United States President has tweeted that he had said that the attacks will start soon and did not specify the time of attack. President Trump drew attention to the fact that no country has thanked the United States for freeing their region from the clutches of ‘IS’ under his leadership.

There were reports of the US aircraft carrier and destroyers having been despatched to Syria. This puzzling tweet from President Trump came at a time when the missile attacks on Syria were expected to start. President Trump has clarified in the tweet that he had not specified the day and time of the attack. In the same tweet he has said that United States has done a remarkable job of clearing the region of ‘IS’, but no country has thanked the United States for it. These statements by President Trump are very suggestive. The experts have claimed that President Trump has dropped a proper hint for the European and Gulf countries.

The terrorist organisation ‘IS’ or ‘ISIS’ also known as ‘Isis’ and ‘Daesh’ had created mayhem in the world, especially in Iraq and Syria. This organisation had gained control over some cities and regions in Iraq and Syria and had started a human massacre. This terrorist organisation is the reason for the herds of refugees entering Europe. IS had declared that after Iraq and Syria, the neighbouring countries will be annexed to their ‘Khilafat’. This had increased the pressure on the Gulf countries to a great extent.

President Trump, after assuming power in the United States, had taken a very harsh stance against the IS. Following this, the IS suffered a setback and the threat to the Gulf and European countries was reduced to a great extent. President Trump reminded that no country thanked the United States for taking cognisance of this threat. Recognising this help from the US, the Gulf and European countries should have assisted United States in the Syrian action. Trump has sent a message that United States is not getting the expected co-operation. It is ‘ungrateful’ on the part of the Gulf and European countries to not assist the United States in the campaign against IS and Iran. There is a strong warning in the message that the United States will henceforth not take anybody else’s interests or safety into account while deciding its own actions.


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