Conflicts are raging the world over akin those seen before the First World War, warns UK military chief

Conflicts are raging the world over akin those seen before the First World War, warns UK military chief


London – ‘The constant conflicts in the world today reminds one of the situation before the First World War. The First World War was sparked because of the ambition of becoming a superpower,’ the UK military chief, General Sir Nick Carter warned. He further added, ‘At the same time, there is a major threat to international security from Russia, China, Iran and ISIS, and the United Kingdom should give up its peacetime mentality and prepare for war.’ There is political unrest in the United Kingdom over Brexit and military chief Carter’s statements indicate that the United Kingdom cannot afford an internal conflict and discord. 

General Carter pointed out that British security is faced with significant challenges. Also, while the external threats were on the rise, the United Kingdom cannot remain negligent, the military chief appealed to the UK leaders. General Carter during an address at an army event in London, mentioned the internal as well as external threats to the United Kingdom. He said that the United Kingdom would need super-advanced and modern technology and arms to counter the threats.

The military chief claimed, ‘Russia, China and Iran are making a show of strength in the race to become superpowers. Their military activities are detrimental to the UK’s security, stability and prosperity. Nevertheless, the threat to the United Kingdom is not just from these countries. The ISIS and the groups pushing for an immigrant influx in Europe are also an equivalent threat to the security of the United Kingdom and Europe.’

He expressed concern over the situation in the world slowly moving towards uncertainty. ‘The global instability and continuously changing scenarios have created uncertainties for international security considering politics and strategy. Therefore, there are various threats before the United Kingdom, and their intensity is increasing,’ General Carter pointed out. Stability had been established in the world because of the world order and mechanisms installed after the Second World War in 1945. However, the system is nearing a collapse because of the immigrant influx, he warned.

‘The United Kingdom would have to maintain military preparedness to face future threats. The UK citizens would have to be made aware of the historical and current situation’, General Carter said. He expressed regret over the ignorance of the current youth who were not even aware of the fundamental historical facts like why the First World War was triggered, who the then British Prime Minister was and against whom the United Kingdom had fought the war.  

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