China passes law to ‘Sinicize’ Islam to make it more compatible with its Communist regime

China passes law to ‘Sinicize’ Islam to make it more compatible with its Communist regime

Beijing – The Chinese government, that put nearly 1.1 million Muslims under house arrest in the Xinjiang province has passed a new decree to make changes to Islam for making it more compatible with its communist ideology. The Chinese government mouthpiece, the Global Times reported the matter calling it ‘Sinicization’ of Islam. The news agency went on to state that it included the condition for Muslims to be committed to the Chinese leadership and its political stand.

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Two days ago, a special meeting was convened between the officials of China’s Communist government and the representatives of the Islamic associations from eight provinces of China which included Shanghai, Hunan, Yunnan and Qinghai along with capital Beijing. The Global Times reported that at the meeting, the representatives primarily agreed to include the communist values of the Chinese regime into Islam.

The process to implement the decree would be carried out over five years from 2018 to 2022, said the Global Times. A senior leader of a Beijing-based Islamic organization informed that three years ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping had presented a scheme to induce changes in Islam as per China’s expectations.

The representatives claim that change would not be made to the fundamental philosophy and values as well as in the beliefs of Islam. Gao Zhanfu, Vice Dean of the China Islamic Institute clarified that changes as favourable to China’s Communist regime would be made for the Muslims in the country. Gao also informed that the Chinese regime would soon release books on the subject.

Meanwhile, nearly 20 million Muslims currently live in China. The Chinese regime which sponsors the communist ideology has adopted the policy to oppress the Muslims in the country by refusing religious freedom to them. A few months ago, the Chinese government placed 1.1 million Uighur Muslims from Xinjiang province in various detention camps in a government crackdown on extremism. At the same time, reports had surfaced about China’s atrocities against Hui Muslims. In the United States, the demand to impose sanctions against the Chinese regime which has been accused of a blatant violation of human rights in Xinjiang is gaining ground.

Within just a few weeks of these incidents, China seems to be once again stripping off the religious freedom of the Muslims in the country by introducing changes compatible with its Communist regime.

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