Bird flu outbreak in Japan, Russia, European countries; million of birds culled

bird flu outbreak, ‘बर्ड फ्लू’ का फैलाव, जापान और रशिया

London – While the number of patients of the Corona epidemic approaches 25 crores, some leading countries have been hit by a double crisis in the form of bird flu. Millions of birds were slaughtered due to bird flu outbreaks in Japan, Russia and ten major European countries. The outbreak signals a major blow once more to the global economy while recovering from Corona. At the same time, 21 human contagion cases of bird flu have cropped up in China with six deaths, informed World Health Organization (WHO)

पक्ष्यांची कत्तलSince early August, outbreaks of bird flu had begun to occur in some parts of Europe. However, now it is becoming apparent that its scope is growing exponentially. It has surfaced that Poland, Europe’s largest poultry producer, has to face successive bird flu outbreaks. So far, five major outbreaks have been reported in the country, four in turkey farms and one in poultry farms. Thus, about six and a half million birds in Poland may be slaughtered, sources said.  

The bird flu epidemic has been reported in parts of Britain’s central England, eastern Scotland and Wales. The government has declared a nationwide Avian Influenza Prevention Zone (AIPZ) and tightened biosecurity measures. The epidemic has been noted in the north-eastern part of and France a high alert has been declared across the country. An outbreak of bird flu has been reported in different farms of three parts of Germany. The bird flu epidemic has spread to about ten major European countries, including Britain, France, Germany and Poland, and Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Belgium, and Finland.  


Besides, apart from European countries, the scope of bird flu seems to increase in Japan and Russia too. Japan’s Akita Prefecture has been hit hard by bird flu, with about 1.5 million chickens being slaughtered. An area of 10 km from infected farms has been declared as a restricted area. The bird flu epidemic has spread in Russia’s Kirov region and an emergency has been reported in 10 districts. According to the local veterinary department, 230 tons of poultry have been culled in the last few days.  

Meanwhile, in China, cases of H5N6 virus infection of bird flu have been reported. Twenty-one civilians have been contagions, six have died therein. As to other infected patients’ condition was also said to be critical. Last year, only five such cases were reported. However, WHO therein expresses concern over the rise this year.  

In the past few years, Europe and Asian countries are continually facing a hit by the bird flu epidemic. Earlier in 2014 as well as in 2016, there was an outbreak of bird flu in Europe. However, with the advent of the epidemic at the backdrop of Corona, the scope of this crisis seems to have aggravated. The bird flu outbreak in Europe and Asia last year killed nearly one million birds.  

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