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China is at ‘war with faith’, a war they will not win, asserts US Ambassador for Religious Freedom, Sam Brownback

Washington: “It seems that the Chinese government is at war with faith. It’s a war they will not win,” a senior US diplomat at the Department of State said causing a sensation. He showered criticism over the regime by adding, “The Chinese Communist regime does not trust its own citizens and is thus, not allowing them to practise their religion”. Since the past few days, the incidents of atrocities on the Chinese Islamic Uyghur minorities have surfaced, and the US Secretary of State has presented the matter raising a voice against the injustice.

Religious Freedom, war with faith, Uyghurs, Chinese Communist Party,criticism, China, Tibetan Buddhists

Sam Brownback, an Ambassador for the US State Department’s International Religious Freedom, lashed out at the Chinese regime. “The Chinese Communist Party is against religion, and it appears it has declared war with faith. Also, the ongoing happenings in China bear witness to the fact,” alleged Brownback. “The Chinese Communist Party does not seem to trust its people to allow them to choose their path for their souls and there are over a billion people at stake here,” said Brownback as he expressed regret over the situation. However, he asserted that “China’s at war with faith, but it is a war they will not win.”

The Islamic Uyghurs in China are subjected to strict rules and regulations while the ruling party has arranged for provisions that would disallow the Uyghurs to name their children as per religion. The US Department of State as also the international human rights commissions revealed that the food religiously deemed taboo or prohibited under the faith was being force-fed to the Uyghurs. Also, they had highlighted that “horrific things are taking place in the country, the practice is abhorrent and is a historical human rights abuse”. Likewise, even the Buddhists in Tibet are bearing the repercussions of the Chinese crackdown against religion.

Religious Freedom, war with faith, Uyghurs, Chinese Communist Party,criticism, China, Tibetan Buddhists

As per Chinese regulations, the Tibetan Buddhists have been denied the right to elect their religious leader. The Chinese interference in religion has triggered intense rage amongst the Tibetans. At the same time, instances have reportedly surfaced of China’s Communist regime destroying the Christian places of worship. Whereas, the state mandate of installing surveillance cameras in the Churches have hurt the sentiments of the Christians.

China has, hence, challenged the faith of not just its religious minorities, but of its entire populace at large. Furthermore, Brownback underscored the matter and threatened China to change its policies. Only two days ago, the Uyghur leaders located outside China had met US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and expressed their narrative to him. After that, Pompeo severely denounced China for backing a terrorist such as Azhar on the one hand, while also, for getting increasingly aggressive and brutal with its Islamic minorities on the other.

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