The days of the Globalists are over; the future belongs to Nationalists: US President Donald Trump

The days of the Globalists are over; the future belongs to Nationalists: US President Donald Trump

United Nations: US President Donald Trump hit out at the Globalists, the sponsors of globalisation in his speech at the UN General Assembly (UNGA) with sharp statements. “The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to nationalists, meaning to those who conserve the identity, freedom and sovereignty of their nations”, President Trump lambasted. At the same time, he accused Iran, which has launched attacks on the Saudi oil facilities, of becoming a threat to world peace as also China for its unfair political and trade practices.

Right from the beginning of his Presidency, Trump had highlighted that the benefits of globalisation were concentrated in a handful of rich people and not derived by the ordinary citizen of the United States. During his address to the 74th annual U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday, President Trump severely criticised the globalists. Trump asserted that there was no future for the globalist leaders and their days were over. On the other hand, the leaders that protect the national identity and independence as also defend the rights of its citizens, will prosper and have a future, President Trump said.

The United States was recognised as a nation that initiated the process of globalisation. Except for Trump, all the other US Presidents have advocated globalisation. However, it only resulted in advantaging a few wealthy people while the US citizens at large were at a loss, Trump criticised. He had announced that he would only follow the ‘America First’ policy after becoming the President. Accordingly, Trump began the aggressive execution of the strategy. Although it received widespread criticism of being a setback for globalisation, it caused an increase in employment as also wages in the United States.

That is the reason President Trump is giving preferential treatment to the nationalist world leaders and extending cooperation with them. Even in his address at the UN General Assembly, Trump promoted nationalism while stating that the days of the Globalists were gone. Also, the US President targeted Iran during his 37-minute speech. He levelled severe allegations against Iran saying that the regime was bloodthirsty and was behind the Saudi oil attacks. Along with the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany also have made similar accusations against Iran. “Therefore, no country should make decisions that may provide any support to Iran. If Iran continues to misbehave, the United States will not withdraw the sanctions imposed against it”, Trump warned.

Along with Iran, President Trump attacked China as well. “Although China assured economic reforms while joining the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in 2001, it has not fulfilled the promise in over two decades. Furthermore, China is still making illegal trade decisions and lowering the value of its currency on purpose. Moreover, China is providing heavy state subsidies, was carrying out product dumping, currency manipulation and theft of intellectual property,” President Trump said. With the criticism, President Trump has made evident that the trade war with China would not end anytime soon.

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