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Australia begins investigations into expose of Chinese espionage in the country

Canberra/Beijing: An investigation has been ordered into the activities of the ruling Chinese communist regime in the Australian political system. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated that the plot mentioned by the Chinese spy and related activities, were shocking and a cause for significant concern. However, China has dismissed the allegations levelled against it, claiming the spy, who seeks protection from Australia, was a fraud.  

Australia, investigations, Scott Morrison, Chinese Spy, espionage, China, Nick ZhaoRecently, a Chinese spy made a startling revelation on how the Chinese government and intelligence agencies were interfering in the political and other systems in other countries. The name of the Chinese spy is Wang William Liqiang, and he has urged Australia to provide asylum to him. The spy is said to have given the complete information regarding the matter to the Australian intelligence agency the ”Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO)”.  

Given the developments, Australia’s Nine Network reported, as to how the Chinese Spies were enticing the members of the Australian political parties. The report also mentions the Liberal Party member Nick Zhao, who was murdered a few months ago. The media claims have delivered a shock to the Australian political circles.  

While giving a severe reaction to the new piece of information, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that the revelations in the matter were deeply disturbing and troubling and that he had even ordered an investigation into it. Furthermore, Morrison clarified that the Australian intelligence agency, ASIO had already initiated an inquiry into it, the findings of which would be presented before the parliament as well as the people.  

Since the last year, relations between Australia and China were under severe strain over the South China Sea, Indo-Pacific Sector and many other issues. Also, the Australian Prime Minister adopted an openly opposing stance against China, candidly stating that any pressure or interference from China would not be tolerated. The Chinese regime, which is trying to increase their influence in Australia for the last few years, has become extremely agitated.  

The former head of the Australian intelligence agency had recently accused the Chinese government of carrying out dangerous activities to take over complete control of the Australian political system. Duncan Louise, former Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Director-General warned that any person from the Australian government could be the target of the insidious Chinese policies, the effects of which would take decades to surface. 

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