US is not only the main conductor in the Ukraine crisis but also the main beneficiary

- Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister alleges  

US is not only the main conductor in the Ukraine crisis but also the main beneficiary

Moscow: Russia’s Deputy Minister Sergei Ryabkov alleged that the US supports and benefits from the Ukraine crisis. The US defence industry is benefiting from the war in Ukraine in many ways. Because of this, the country that conducted the Ukrainian conflict is its biggest beneficiary, that is, the United States. Countries like Germany, ready to supply Ukraine with tanks, have become pawns of US strategy, says Ryabkov.  

Ukraine crisis Along with the US, Germany, the UK, and France have also announced the supply of advanced armoured vehicles to Ukraine. Russia has alleged that by doing so, these countries have shown their participation in the Ukraine crisis. Also, Russia has started preparations to give a strong response to it. In such a situation, the US has dragged European countries into the conflict by forcing Germany as well as other European countries to provide tanks to Ukraine, Russian Deputy Minister Sergei Ryabkov claimed.  

The US has conducted the Ukraine conflict and is its largest beneficiary, Ryabkov said as he took aim at the US. The US is testing the new weapons it has developed in the Ukraine conflict. Along with the use of these weapons against Russia, the US is also getting rid of its outdated weapons by selling them off to Ukraine, claimed Sergei Ryabkov. Therefore, the conflict in Ukraine has been brought about in a very well-planned manner by the US to get all these benefits, Ryabkov concluded.  

At the same time, the ‘Abrams’ tanks supplied by the US to the Ukrainian military will not benefit Ukraine at all, the deputy foreign minister of Russia stated.  

Ukraine crisis Ryabkov pointed out that US’s defence industry was reaping huge benefits from the conflict in Ukraine. Ryabkov further said that European countries had become pawns in these anti-Russian tactics. Only the US and NATO‘s tactics of providing Ukraine with military aid will not be successful. On the contrary, these fatal strategies will backfire on these countries alone, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister warned. A few days ago, the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, had also expressed his stance regarding the conflict in Ukraine in similar words. The US is using European countries for its anti-Russian tactics and military interests, but it will be detrimental only for European countries because European countries will have to bear the direct consequences of the Ukraine conflict, Prime Minister Orban warned.  

Other Russian leaders are also making European countries aware of the US’s tactics. Had the US not initiated moves to incorporate Ukraine into NATO, Russia would not have attacked Ukraine; this is something not only the countries supporting Russia have pointed out but even analysts of international standing. 

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