Hezbollah in complete control of Lebanon after formation of the new government, warns Lebanese opposition  

Hezbollah in complete control of Lebanon after formation of the new government, warns Lebanese opposition  

Beirut/Paris/London – ‘A new government has been formed in Lebanon under the leadership of Hassan Diab. Nevertheless, with the formation of the new government, Lebanon has completely gone under the control of Hezbollah,’ a senior Lebanese leader stated. On the other hand, the United States warned that Hezbollah was an organisation working for the Iranian regime and had no interest in the welfare of the Lebanese people. Despite the change in government, Lebanese protestors have continued the protests, and are refusing to accept the Diab-led government.  

After several weeks of stalemate, a new government was finally formed in Lebanon. Hassan Diab, a professor at a Lebanese university, took over as the Prime Minister of the country. The new cabinet represents the Free Patriotic Movement of President Michel Aoun with six members as also Hezbollah, Amal Movement, Marada Movement and the Lebanese Democratic Party with one member each. All of the parties were alleged of being aligned with Hezbollah or linked with Iran and Syria. The senior leaders and the people of Lebanon are thus expressing displeasure over the Diab-led government.  

Marwan Hamadeh, a senior leader from the Lebanese Druze Party, warned that ‘Most of the ministers in the new cabinet are either linked to Hezbollah or its affiliate Jamil Saeed, a former intelligence chief. With the formation of the new Hezbollah-backed government, Hezbollah has thereby tightened its grip over Lebanon.’ Hamadeh alleged that although Diab is the face of the new government, leaders affiliated to the Hezbollah and Syria were the ones ruling the country.   

Along with the leaders, the people of Lebanon were also reportedly unhappy with the new government. The Lebanese population began protests in capital Beirut and other major cities in the country from Wednesday. The protestors said that the new government does not live up to their expectations. Also, they have demanded political reforms in Lebanon. The demonstrators had asked for a government formed by independent, non-corrupt leaders not affiliated to any sects. Moreover, as it is created by political parties affiliated to Iran, the new government cannot be trusted, the protestors asserted.  

Even the United States has showered criticism on the Diab government. Richard Grenell, the US Ambassador to Germany, claimed that ‘the Hezbollah is working as a representative of the Iranian regime in Lebanon and the terrorist organisation was not concerned about the welfare of the Lebanese people’. The United States has therefore presented the demanded to the European countries to impose a complete ban on Hezbollah, which is involved in terrorist activities in collaboration with Iran and poses a security threat to the Middle East. All the European countries, except for the UK, have refrained from imposing a ban against Hezbollah. The United States and Israel had thus criticised Germany, France and other European nations.  

Meanwhile, the change in government has not helped to address the daunting political, economic and social issues as yet. The Diab government, which is currently in power, does not have the support of the United States and the Arab nations. Moreover, the Lebanese economy is faltering, and the Lebanese people have demanded the dissolution of the new government as well. 

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