Protestors warn new Iraq govt of demonstrations if their demands for fresh polls aren’t met

Protestors warn new Iraq govt of demonstrations if their demands for fresh polls aren’t met

Baghdad – The Iraqi protestors have warned the new government that demonstrations will spread like wildfire if their demands remain unfulfilled. Calling Prime Minister Kadhimi a puppet in the hands of Iran, the protestors have given a 10-day ultimatum to his government. Besides, the protestors sloganeered against the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei. It has been revealed that the pro-Iran groups in Iraq have taken action against these protestors.

Four days ago, a new government was installed in Iraq with Mustafa al-Kadhimi as the Prime Minister. Kadhimi was nominated after receiving the support from the Iraqi parliament and influential political leaders like Muqtada al-Sadr and Hadi al-Ameri. However, within a few hours, the protestors gathered at the Tahrir square, located in the capital Baghdad, and revolted against the Kadhimi government. Along with Baghdad, these protests spread in cities like Basra, Al Diwaniyah, Dhi Qar, Babil, Karbala, Maysan, Wasit, etc.

The demonstrators have accused that Kadhimi is a mere puppet in the hands of Iran, exactly like the former government. The leader of the demonstrators has asked Kadhimi to prove his worth by accepting all the demands put forward by the people of Iraq. He gave a deadline of ten days saying that if their demands weren’t met, Kadhimi should be ready to step down. The demonstrators are insisting on holding elections in Iraq and that the contestants should not come with any international influence. Along with these demands, some of the protestors resorted to strident sloganeering against Muqtada al-Sadr, Hadi al-Ameri and the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei.

In Baghdad, the Iraq security forces made use of teargas against the protestors. In Basra, one of the pro-Iranian armed groups, the Popular Mobilisation Forces, opened fire on the demonstrators. Few places reported incidences of the protestors attacking the Iranian groups and setting fire to their offices. The number of lives lost in this conflict is yet unknown. These protests, against the government, are being carried out in Iraq since last year’s October. More than 600 people had lost their lives in the protests.

Meanwhile, Iran is being accused of directly interfering in these ongoing protests in Iraq to curb them. Videos have emerged of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards having fired upon the protestors with the support of the Iraqi armed groups.

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