Arab League delivers a blow to Palestine as it refuses to condemn Israel-UAE deal 

Cairo: The Palestinian government demanded the Arab League condemn the cooperation between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). However, the League snubbed the Palestinian proposal to criticise the deal. The Arab League also said that a few nations from the bloc were opposed to the Palestinian stand. A few days ago, the Palestinian government had criticised the Arab League and strengthened its ties with Turkey and Iran. Displeased with Palestinian move, the Arab League is believed to have rejected the proposal. Therefore, the Arab nations appear to have divided into two factions.  

Israel-UAE dealOn Wednesday, a virtual meet was held of the 22 Foreign Ministers of the Arab League members. During the conference, the Palestinian administration of the West Bank criticised the Israel-UAE deal. Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki demanded Arab League openly condemn the cooperation between Israel and UAE and reject it outright. Also, the Palestinian Foreign Minister went on to claim that the US was trying to blackmail the Arab nations with the deal. In the meeting, Maliki mentioned that Palestine had not declared any country as its representative and that the Arab League must reject the cooperation. Nevertheless, some member states from the Arab League did reject this proposal. Simultaneously, these states are said to have decided to stop the financial aid to Palestine, although the information has not been officially confirmed.  

Israel-UAE dealIn the meeting, the Palestinian leader gave an ultimatum and said that it would not be content until all member nations sternly condemned the Israel-UAE bilateral cooperation. One official at the Arab League said the Palestinian demand had worsened the situation. At the same time, Palestine had also welcomed Turkey and Iran’s aggressive stand after the Israel-UAE bilateral cooperation was announced. The matter turned into another point of contention with the Arab League, which also influenced events at the meeting.  

Meanwhile, Egypt, Jordan and Arab nations have welcomed the Israel-UAE deal while Bahrain, Oman hinted at establishing ties with Israel. Saudi Arabia has not as yet clearly expressed its stand on the matter. On the other hand, Iran, Turkey as also Hamas and Fatah from Palestine deemed the Israel-UAE ties unlawful calling it a betrayal to Palestine. Moreover, Iran and Turkey even announced that they supported the Palestinian fight against Israel. 

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