Australia at risk of terrorist attacks, Australia intelligence head warns

Australia at risk of terrorist attacks, Australia intelligence head warns

Canberra: Australia is at high risk of terrorist attacks. Mike Burgis, Australia’s intelligence chief, said he had convincing information that individual terrorists or terrorist groups could carry out the attacks. Burgess also claimed to have destroyed an extensive network of foreign spies in Australia. He did not disclose its details, but the Australian government had earlier accused China of spying and interfering significantly in the country.  

Mike Burgess, Director-General of the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO), warned of possible terrorist attacks while addressing the press. ‘IS-influenced individual terrorists and groups are preparing to carry out attacks in Australia. It is a serious threat, and the threat of terrorist attacks will not go away anytime soon,’ Burgess said. According to the head of the Australian intelligence service, the threat has only increased in recent months.  

Burgess expressed concern that foreign spies’ flow into Australia was equally dangerous to the country’s security. Australian authorities had expelled dozens of foreign spies over the past year. ‘The intervention of such spies in our country is increasing. The spies were also carrying out activities in Australia‘s provincial and local organizations, along with government agencies,’ Burgess said.  

Burgess informed that the Australian intelligence agency had cracked down on such foreign spy networks last year. According to the intelligence head, the spies had links to former Australian political leaders, embassies and local police. ‘These spies had cleverly interfered in the security policies of the Australian government. Likewise, they also seized sensitive information about Australia’s defence technology,’ Burgess alleged. The intelligence head stated that the Australian intelligence service later investigated and quietly expelled the foreign spies from the country.  

At the time, Burgess avoided the direct mention of any country. However, earlier reports reveal that Chinese spies and agents had infiltrated the Australian government and universities. Moreover, individuals under Chinese influence were also claimed of being a part of the Australian media. 

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