UK parliament approves a motion condemning China for Uyghur genocide, drawing China’s ire

UK parliament approves a motion condemning China for Uyghur genocide, drawing China’s ire

London/Beijing: The UK Parliament has approved a motion that said the Chinese communist regime had committed atrocities against and genocide of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang province. The UK is the fifth NATO member after the United States, Belgium, the Netherlands and Canada to pass a resolution on the genocide. Outraged, China denied the allegations criticising the UK resolution as baseless.  

Last month, the UK, along with the United States, the European Union (EU) and Australia, announced action against China over the Uyghur issue. Accordingly, the UK Parliament also imposed sanctions on Chinese officials. Also, UK lawmakers had accused China’s communist regime of committing genocide against Xinjiang’s Uyghurs. The British parliamentarians had tabled a resolution against China, expressing fury over the atrocities.  

The move was a significant blow to China’s ruling regime. China was therefore angered and announced sanctions on 11 British nationals. The sanctions were imposed on nine members of parliament, including Sir Iain Duncan Smith, Tom Tugendhat, Neil O’Brien, Tim Loughton and Nusrat Gani, along with four think tanks. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson had criticised China’s sanctions and announced that his government would support the lawmakers. The motion was passed in the UK parliament on Thursday.  

The UK has accused China of violating human rights by detaining Uyghurs in a large prison in Xinjiang. Xu Guixiang, a government official from China’s Xinjiang province, criticised the UK’s resolution. Guixiang said the decision by the British parliament was baseless and established on allegations made by some leaders. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has warned that “The UK is already facing internal problems and should concentrate on those. It must not interfere in China’s internal affairs.” 

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