Russian Defence Forces induct ‘S-550’ missile system capable of targeting space satellites and hypersonic weapons  

Russian Defence Forces induct ‘S-550’ missile system capable of targeting space satellites and hypersonic weapons  

Moscow / Washington – ‘S-550’ missile system, capable of targeting low orbit satellites, nuclear weapons and orbital hypersonic weapons in space, has been deployed in the Russian Defence Forces. The Russian news agency Tass has reported about this. Space experts and analysts have referred to Russia’s new system as a ‘Star Wars missile’ and have expressed concern that the new system would prove to be further provoking an arms race in space.  

‘एस-५५०’, क्षेपणास्त्र यंत्रणाMoreover, last month, Russia’s Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu had mentioned the development and deployment of missile systems at a news conference. Shoigu had said that Russian President Vladimir Putin adopted an insistent stance for increasing the deployment of the S-350, S-500 and S-550 missile defence systems in the Defence Forces. Besides, the S-350 and S-500 are already deployed in the Russian Defence Forces; and were believed to be undergoing S-550 testing. Some Russian media had claimed that the system would be operational by 2025.  

However, on Wednesday, a state-run news agency Tass gave a new shock by reporting about the S-550 joining the Russian Defence Forces. ‘The S-550 air defence system has successfully completed state trials. The first S-550 brigade has entered combat duty,’ Tass has reported in its news. The S-550 is the world’s first mobile special operations missile defence system capable of effectively destroying intercontinental ballistic missiles, has claimed Russia. The Russian sources have also told that the system; could be deployed in any part of Russia.  

‘एस-५५०’, क्षेपणास्त्र यंत्रणाHowever, the S-550 is believed to have been developed for space combat. The missiles used for this system can detect satellites and hypersonic weapons orbiting in space. Therefore, Russia seems to have strengthened its preparedness for space warfare through this mechanism. Last month, Russia had created an upheaval with an anti-satellite missile test. It is said that the test was for a missile used for the S-550.  

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