China warns to act against diehards of Taiwan’s independence; blacklists Taiwanese Premier, Foreign Minister and Parliament Speaker  

Beijing/Taipei: – The Chinese rulers announced to act against Taiwan independence ‘diehards’ sternly. It said, ‘Those who betray their motherland and seek to split the country are destined to have a bad end. They are bound to be spurned by the people and judged by history.’ Moreover, within a few hours of the announcement, China blacklisted the Taiwanese Foreign Minister and speaker of the parliament and the Premier. It imposed sanctions against them. Taiwan reacted sensationally to this issue and warned that it would not tolerate any monopolistic regime threats.    

स्वातंत्र्याचे समर्थन, ताइवान की आज़ादी, Foreign Minister

Besides, last month itself, Chinese President, Xi Jinping, raised the issue of annexing Taiwan. President Jinping had warned, ‘The independence and secessionism of Taiwan is the biggest obstacle in the resurgence of China. Chinese unification will become a reality, and letting it happen peacefully will be in the interest of the Taiwanese people.’ After that, the Chinese media and defence forces became aggressive and threatened Taiwan consistently. Against this background, the steps initiated by the Chinese regime seem to be an effort to expedite the Taiwan campaign.   

स्वातंत्र्याचे समर्थन, ताइवान की आज़ादी, Foreign Minister

The ‘Taiwan Affairs Office’ of China gave the information regarding the new action. According to that, criminal action will be initiated against those supporting Taiwanese independence. Zhu Fenglian, the Taiwan Affairs Office spokeswoman, said that a blacklist of Taiwan supporters would be prepared. Fenglian warned that those on the list shall not enter the mainland and the two special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao. Moreover, their affiliated institutions shall be restricted from forging any cooperation with organisations and individuals on the mainland. It is being said that this blacklist includes political leaders, activists and entrepreneurs from Taiwan. Soon after this, it was announced that three Taiwanese leaders were included in the blacklist and sanctioned. These include Taiwanese Premier Su Tseng Chang, Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, and the parliament speaker Yu Shyi Kun. Foreign Minister Joseph Wu immediately reacted; he said that the Chinese regime’s action was a matter of honour. The mainland affairs council of Taiwan lashed out at China.  

Taiwan has warned that ‘Taiwan is a democratic society with the rule of law and it’s not under the jurisdiction of the communist Chinese regime. Intimidations and threats from an authoritarian regime are unacceptable. We will take measures considering the security of the Taiwanese people.’ Furthermore, the Taiwanese press and nationals have strongly reacted against this Chinese action.    

US Congress members propose military aid to Taiwan

स्वातंत्र्याचे समर्थन, ताइवान की आज़ादी, Foreign Minister

Washington: – US Senators have proposed a military assistance worth $3 billion to Taiwan. The bill is titled ‘Taiwan Deterrence Act’, which even includes amendments to the Arms Export Control Act. This is the second proposal presented in the US Congress for defence cooperation with Taiwan. A few days ago, Senator Josh Hawley presented a bill titled ‘Arm Taiwan Act of 2021’ 

China has expedited its actions to initiate an attack on Taiwan and is consistently organising exercises for this purpose. Against this background, the US President and Secretary of Defence had stated assurance to the security of Taiwan. 

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