Rocket attacks hit Iraq’s Baghdad airport; US military base targeted as well 

Rocket attacks hit Iraq’s Baghdad airport; US military base targeted as well 

Baghdad – Six rockets struck Iraq’s Baghdad International Airport. Tension built up after a rocket hit the cockpit of a passenger plane at the airport. The attacks appear to have taken place to target the US military base. The Iran-linked terrorist groups in Iraq, demanding US military withdrawal, are suspected to be behind this.  

On Friday morning, six rocket attacks followed one after the other within the limits of the international airport of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. Some of the rockets hit the airport runway and the parking areas. Moreover, one of the rockets also hit the Iraqi Airways Company’s Boeing 767 passenger plane, standing away from the runway. The aircraft has not been used for the past few weeks as it was under repair.  

It has been predicted that these attacks were possibly carried out to target the US military’s ‘Camp Victory’ at Baghdad airport. By acting at the site of the launch of rockets, the Iraqi army has seized some rockets and launchers. No group has claimed responsibility for Friday’s rocket attacks. But the US military and air bases in Iraq had been attacked by drones, rockets and missiles even before.  

विमानतळावर रॉकेट हल्ले Two years ago, General Qasem Soleimani, commander of Iran’s Quds Force, and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, commander of the Popular Mobilisation Forces in Iraq, were slain in a US drone strike. Thenceforth, the intensity of attacks on US military bases in Iraq has escalated. Iran-linked terrorist organisations in Iraq were accused of carrying out such attacks.  

The Iran-linked political groups and armed organisations have been demanding that the US completely withdraw its troops from Iraq as in Afghanistan. Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nawab Nouri al-Maliki has also backed demands from Iran-linked groups. The Biden administration had also announced a withdrawal from Iraq. But the decision has been lingering for the past few weeks. Under such circumstances, rocket attacks on US interests in Iraq seem to increase.  

Meanwhile, the attacks of the terrorist organisation ‘IS’ in Iraq have also intensified in the last few weeks. Moreover, news had surfaced one week ago that in Iraq’s Diyala province, 11 soldiers of the Iraqi military were brutally killed by IS terrorists. Accordingly, in the next few hours, the IS terrorists had stormed a Syrian prison and freed hundreds of their comrades. Iraq had since closed its borders to prevent the infiltration of IS terrorists.  

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