If Turkey starts a conflict against Greece, it will face defeat, Greek analyst warns  

Athens/Ankara: Greek National Defence Academy analyst George Filis has warned that ‘Turkey desires to force Greece into accepting demands as per its agenda by adding psychological pressure. However, he wishes to achieve that without a military conflict as Erdogan knows well that if Turkey wages war against Greece, it will have to leave the battlefield defeated.’ German analyst Andreas Kluth has also forewarned that a war may erupt between the NATO nations, Greece and Turkey over the Greek Island of Kastellorizo. On the sidelines of the statements, the Greek Foreign Minister is visiting Armenia. The visit has drawn Turkey’s ire, and the country has threatened Greece over the matter.  

In the past week, Turkey sent three ships along with research ship Oruc Reis in the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey has announced that the vessel would remain operational in the region till October 22. Also, the Turkish Energy Minister had justified the decision by saying that the country would continue its search for oil and gas as also protect its rights. After that, Turkish President Recep Erdogan threatened Greece. Erdogan said that ‘Turkish ships have entered the Mediterranean Sea to fulfil their responsibilities and any opposition will be met with a tit-for-tat reply. Also, Greece and Cyprus have not kept the promise they had made during discussions’. Despite receiving stern warnings from the US and EU along with Greece, recent Turkish activities in the region suggest it has refused to back out from the waters.  

Against the backdrop, the statements issued by Greek and German analysts have drawn much attention. In the next two days, the Turkish ships are believed to approach within six nautical miles of the Greek Island of Kastellorizo. If that happens, Greece would respond aggressively, and war may spark off, claims Greek website Newsbomb. Furthermore, the article suggests that if Turkey attempts an invasion, Greece may ask for military assistance as per Article 42 of the European Union (EU).   

As he spoke to Newsbomb, analyst George Filis warned of Turkey’s defeat in the article. Filis said that ‘It cannot be termed a significant success for Turkey if it is only able to stop the Greek armed forces. Turkey needs to remain mindful that if its vessels enter Greece’s territorial waters, they will not leave securely. Turkey must be given a blow such that it would force them to return through the Mediterranean Sea.’ Besides, the analyst advised that Greece must form an open military front with France to counter Turkish aggression and protect its sovereignty.  

After the Greek website and analyst, a German analyst has asserted a war would break out between Turkey and Greece as well. In an article by the leading news website Bloomberg, Andreas Kluth says a solution to the Greece-Turkey dispute as per international laws is difficult and goes on to warn that possibility of a war flaring up between the NATO members has strengthened. He also highlighted that although Greece has claimed its rights which it says is in accordance with UN convention, Turkey has not given its approval to the resolution. Moreover, Kluth brought into consideration that the enmity between Turkey and Greece after the end of the Ottoman Empire is another significant factor attributing to the conflict over energy reserves in the Mediterranean Sea.  

Meanwhile, Greece-Turkey conflict in the region is showing signs of escalating sharply. Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias has recently paid a visit to Armenia. Turkey was outraged with the tour, and its Foreign Ministry accused Greece of being the source of the problem and that the visit proved they were supporting the conflict. In the last three weeks, the Armenia-Azerbaijan war has been raging, and Turkey has given its full support to Azerbaijan. Greece, therefore, appears to have provoked Turkey by offering its backing to Armenia. 

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