Houthi rebels launch missile attack on UAE during Israeli President’s visit  

Houthi rebels launch missile attack on UAE during Israeli President’s visit  

Dubai – The Houthi rebels from Yemen launched a ballistic missile attack on the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi. However, the UAE air defence systems successfully intercepted this attack. The Houthis launched the attack while Israeli President Isaac Herzog was on a tour of the UAE. Moreover, the Houthi rebels threatened that the attacks on the UAE would continue further. The Houthi rebel attacks on UAE have increased in the last ten days. While the cooperation between Israel and the UAE grows, the rise in attacks by Houthi rebels seeks attention.  

missile attackAccording to the information provided by the UAE government-affiliated news agency, Houthi rebels launched a ballistic missile attack early on Monday. But the missile was successfully intercepted after it reached within the stage, said UAE News Agency in their report. The state-run news agency reported no losses since the missile fragmented into action. The missile attack had been launched from the Al Jawf area of Yemen by Houthi rebels.  

Houthi rebels claimed responsibility within hours of the attack. The UAE’s capital Abu Dhabi and its important business hub Dubai were also the targets of the attack, said Yahya Sare’e, a spokesman for the Houthi rebel group.  

Sare’e said that ballistic missiles and drones were used in the attack. Furthermore, major UAE cities will be targeted even in the coming times, threatened spokesman for the Houthi organisation. The UAE’s security systems have given information only on the missile and have not released details of the drone strikes on Dubai. Israeli President Herzog was in Dubai when attacked by Houthi rebels.  

President Herzog will visit the Dubai Expo on Monday. Israeli companies also participated in the exhibition. Houthi rebels appear to have launched the attack in the wake of his visit. As cooperation between UAE and Israel grows, Houthi rebels have warned UAE by launching missile and drone strikes.  

missile attackIsraeli President is on a two-day visit to the UAE. This is the first-ever historic visit of the President of Israel to the UAE. President Herzog assured in the visit that Israel was ready to provide security assistance to the UAE. Although President Herzog did not disclose the assistance details, Israel appears to be prepared to supply air security to the UAE. This was indicated ten days ago by Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett 

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has withdrawn its air security system deployed in the Middle Eastern countries last year. In addition, the Biden administration has also blocked military aid to the UAE. It is affecting the air security of Saudi as well as the UAE. The interceptors of the air defence systems of the UAE and Saudi Arabia are about to run out in the coming times, and they require new interceptors. Last week, the UAE had signed an agreement with South Korea regarding this. There are reports that the UAE is discussing the purchase of interceptors from India as well. 

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