US President Biden not to spark WWIII by direct military intervention in Ukraine

- but vows to protect NATO territory

Washington/Kyiv: – The Russian military is launching strong attacks to gain control of Ukraine’s capital Kyiv. Although the Ukrainian military is trying to stop the Russian onslaught, the pro-Ukraine international media has raised questions about its defence capability. In this scenario, US President Joe Biden announced the deployment of 12,000 US soldiers in the neighbouring countries of Russia. President Biden also announced that the United States would not start the third world war with military involvement in Ukraine. 

Moreover, the Russian military is hardly 25 kilometres from the capital Kyiv. The Ukrainian soldiers are putting up a brave fight to stop the Russian army. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky shared this information and praised the bravery of the Ukrainian army. Ukraine’s ability to counter the Russian attack for a long time is being questioned internationally. Russia has launched simultaneous attacks on many fronts to take over Kyiv. At the same time, Russia is also launching fierce airstrikes on other parts of Ukraine.   

Russian fighter jets are targeting the industrial and infrastructural facilities in Ukraine. The Russian military has also intensified attacks on the Ukrainian army and the affiliated groups. As per media claims, if another powerful country does not intervene, the Ukrainian defence will collapse soon. Therefore, Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are headed for other countries. Even in this dire situation, the United States is unwilling to send its military to Ukraine. The United States has nearly 12,000 soldiers in the neighbouring countries of Ukraine. Biden reminded that these include Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Romania.   

But the US President announced that the United States would not directly intervene in the Russia-Ukraine war, as it would trigger the third world war. But Biden added that Ukraine would receive all the possible assistance from the United States. At the same time, he asserted that if any of the NATO members came under attack, the United States would defend every inch of their land. But the US stance to not attack Russia and spark third world war, but President Biden’s remark that US involvement in Ukraine’s war would spark World War Three, depicts ambiguity. The United States is being criticised from within for not assisting Ukraine sufficiently. But Biden is delivering a message that instead of facing the consequences of direct war, it will prove beneficial to fight an indirect war. At the same time, deploying military in the neighbouring countries and assisting Ukraine through this, the United States is provoking a Russian military action against these countries. It will be easily possible for the United States to spark a war if any NATO member countries come under a Russian attack. It will be possible for the United States to blame Russia for the war.  

Furthermore, Russia is fully aware of these tactics and it has been consistently warning the Ukrainian neighbours not to participate in this US plot. Some countries have taken serious cognisance of this Russian warning and have refused to assist Ukraine directly.  

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