As Finland prepares to join NATO, Russian President sternly warns it against doing so

Moscow – Despite stern warnings from Russia, Sweden and Finland have prepared to join NATO. The consequences of the decision are becoming apparent and Russia has disconnected the electric supply to Finland. The Finnish agencies shared this information. At the same time, it has been reported that Finland President Sauli Niinistö held telephonic discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin. During the discussions, the Russian President warned that Finland should not give up its nonaligned stand as there is no perceived threat from Russia or there will be consequences.   

When Ukraine made preparations to Join NATO, Russia invaded Ukraine in February. The Ukraine conflict flared up after that and according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, no one could predict the duration of the conflict. But as per Russia, the conflict will stop once Ukraine announces that it will not join NATO. The Russian demand is not acceptable to the United States and the other western countries supporting Ukraine. Therefore, a new question is surfacing whether Russia, who attacked Ukraine over the issue of joining NATO, will also attack Finland and Sweden?  

The Baltic countries Finland and Sweden have given indications that they are joining NATO. Russia seems to have delivered the first jolt to Finland by disconnecting the electric supply in this scenario. In the meantime, Finnish President Sauli Niinistö held a telephonic talk with the Russian President. President Niinistö clarified during the talk that his country will soon be deciding on the issue of joining NATO. During the telecon, the Russian President pointed out that Finland leaving the nonaligned stand and joining NATO would have dire consequences.   

Russian President Putin has warned the Finnish President that the change in the Finnish policy with no perceived threat from Russia will certainly have adverse effects. The Russian President also accused that although Russia is keen on ending the Ukraine conflict, Ukraine is not serious regarding the negotiations.   

Meanwhile, Sweden and Finland joining NATO has not remained so simple. It is being exposed that there are differences among the NATO members over their inclusion. Turkey, a member of NATO, has openly opposed the inclusion of these two countries. Other European members of NATO also may adopt a similar stand. Therefore, a strong possibility of a dispute between the United States and European countries over this issue is also being predicted.   

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