United States tests a hypersonic missile from a B-52H bomber aircraft 


Washington – The US Air Force announced the test of a hypersonic missile travelling at five times the speed of sound. The test was conducted from a B-52H bomber aircraft capable of carrying nuclear weapons. This is the second time the US has tested a hypersonic missile in the past two months. It is claimed that the US is said to have accelerated its hypersonic missile programme after the Russia-Ukraine conflict erupted. 

बी-52The United States earlier had conducted a test of hypersonic missiles in the second week of March. The US had avoided revealing information regarding the test for at least two weeks. But the US Air Force first revealed information on a hypersonic missile test last month. Then last week, on May 14, the United States fired a hypersonic missile near the coastline of California.  

Moreover, the AGM-183 of the US Air Force was launched from a B-52H bomber. Senior US Air Force officials clarified that the booster ignited after the missile detached from the plane, and the missile had travelled at five times the speed of sound. Western media claim that the United States has warned Russia, which has conflicted with Ukraine, by testing a hypersonic missile for the second time in just two months.  

The US media reminded the $4.7 billion defence spending announced by the Biden administration to manufacture hypersonic missiles. The media says that the United States will produce hypersonic missiles with its allies, the UK and Australia, through a newly formed group AUKUS. The media also claim that it is difficult to track and target the missile launched by the US from the bomber plane.  

But the hypersonic missile launched by the US Air Force travels at five times the speed of sound. Whereas the Kinzhal or Dagger hypersonic missiles used by the Russian Air Force travel at tens of times the speed of sound claimed by Russia. One week ago, the Russian air force used Kinzhal missile to launch attacks on Odessa in the conflict with Ukraine. Therefore, the Russian media has claimed that the United States is still lagging in manufacturing and using hypersonic missiles. 

Meanwhile, the US military analysts had claimed earlier that Russia and China had accelerated the manufacture of hypersonic missiles. Analysts say the United States needs to accelerate in this area compared to Russia and China. 

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