EU unanimously agrees to sanction Russian fuel purchases & cut it down by up to 90% by year-end

Brussels / Kyiv – The European Union announced a 90% reduction in fuel purchases from Russia by the end of this year. It is claimed that this was agreed upon in the federation’s meeting. But, the meeting was held without Hungary and Belarus – the countries that bitterly opposed the imposition of sanctions on Russian fuel purchases. Therefore, it has been unveiled that this claim of unanimity does not make much sense. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has sharply criticised the European Union.  

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Moreover, European countries depend on Russia’s fuel. The United States and the United Kingdom demanded that European countries stop fuel purchases from Russia after the Ukraine conflict. However, even after the conflict in Ukraine had begun, it was revealed that the US was buying fuel from Russia. Although some European countries opposed Russia’s attack on Ukraine, it was said that it was not possible to stop importing fuel from Russia suddenly.  

ईंधन की खरीद

If Ukraine is to be saved from a Russian attack, it must first stop filling the Russian coffers by buying fuel from Russia, which anti-Russian Poland and other European countries demanded. The Ukrainian President also has sharply criticised European countries over this issue. Against the background, the European Union meeting decided to cut fuel purchases from Russia by 90% by the end of this year.  

Furthermore, Hungary and Belarus had rejected the proposals of the European Union to impose sanctions on Russian fuels purchase during the earlier meetings. Therefore, both the countries were excluded from the meeting at this time. Later, it was announced that the federation had imposed sanctions on purchasing Russian fuel. Moreover, the meeting also has decided that Hungary and Belarus, which had purchased fuel from Russia in defiance of the federation’s decision, would not be allowed to supply the fuel.  

Although the federation has made such decisions, it did not satisfy Ukraine. Ukrainian President Zelensky has criticised that the Union has failed to reach a unanimous decision to impose a complete ban on Russian fuel purchases. Hungary’s Prime Minister Victor Orban has slammed the federation’s decision, saying that our people can sleep peacefully.  

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