Europe is moving towards war economy

 - Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

Europe is moving towards war economy

Budapest – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that the European Union has started fuel rationing. This shows that Europe is moving towards a war economy. He further said that Europe’s problems would not be solved until there was peace in Ukraine. ‘I see an alarming signal in the EU plan to limit gas [consumption] that Europe is slipping into the war economy and is moving towards the recession,’ Orbán claimed. A few days ago, Orbán warned that the Russia-Ukraine conflict would end the hegemony of the West and a new multipolar world order would take shape.  

war economyMoreover, Russia’s leading fuel company Gazprom reduced its fuel supply to European countries a few days ago. In the wake of Russia’s action, it was announced that a consensus on fuel rationing was reached at the meeting of the European Union. Accordingly, European countries will reduce their fuel consumption by 15% from August. Analysts and entrepreneurs have warned earlier that this could hit the European industrial sector hard.   

However, the Hungarian PM announced that Hungary opposed the rationing. Therefore, the differences in Europe have once again come to the fore. Orbán has also criticised the federation’s role in the Russia -Ukraine conflict and has called for changes. He also alleged, while expressing displeasure with the European Union, that the policy of sanctions against Russia was a total failure.  

war economy

Furthermore, the United States, Europe and other western countries are trying hard to end Russia’s influence at the global level, and for this, strong sanctions have been imposed. However, despite these sanctions, the West has not been very successful in stopping Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and giving a big blow to its influence. On the contrary, the Russia-Ukraine conflict has emerged due to wrong decisions by the West. Against this background, Orbán’s role leads to attention. 


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