After Kharkiv, the Russian military withdraws from Lyman in Donbas 

After Kharkiv, the Russian military withdraws from Lyman in Donbas 

Moscow: Russia has received a new shock in the Donbas region while President Putin announced annexing four territories of Ukraine. The Russian army had to withdraw from Lyman, a strategically important city in the Donetsk region. The surge in Ukrainian attacks is said to be the reason for this withdrawal. The Russian Defence Ministry has confirmed the exit.  

Lyman Last month, Russia was forced to withdraw from northeastern Ukraine’s Kharkiv city and province. Ukraine and the Western countries claimed that this withdrawal was a major defeat for Russia. But after that, Russia intensified its attacks on various parts of Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin had warned of a nuclear attack and warned that it was ‘not a bluff’. Against this background, the news of the retreat in Lyman attracts much attention.  

Lyman is a city in the Donetsk region and is considered important strategically. Attacks can be launched on both Luhansk and Kharkiv provinces from this city. Russian forces captured the town in May after invading Ukraine. After the success in Kharkiv, the Ukrainian army had indicated that attacks would be initiated in the Donbas region. Accordingly, Ukrainian forces launched attacks on various parts of the Donetsk region over the past two weeks. The President of Ukraine also warned that the Ukrainian troops would not stop until they took control of Donbas and Crimea.  

Following this, capturing an important city such as Lyman is considered a great success for Ukraine. The Ukrainian army is expected to move toward the Luhansk region under Russia’s control. Although the Russian Defence Ministry confirmed troops’ withdrawal from Lyman, it has also claimed that more than 200 Ukrainian soldiers were killed. At the same time, it has also said that it is increasing the deployments to other areas of Donbas after withdrawal from Lyman.  

The Western media have claimed that the recapture of Lyman, immediately following Putin’s announcement of annexing the Ukrainian provinces, was a significant development. The annexation announcement is crucial and a significant matter for the Russian President. Western analysts say that against this background, withdrawal from Lyman could deliver a major blow to Putin’s plans. Analysts also claimed that a pullout from Lyman would upset Putin’s supporters and increase pressure on him. 

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