Australian PM Scott Morrison demands international community to investigate China’s laser attack  

Australian PM Scott Morrison demands international community to investigate China’s laser attack  

Canberra / Beijing – Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has demanded a full investigation into last week’s laser attack carried out by the Chinese warship should be done. Morrison also accused that China’s attack was an attempt to threaten Australia and has warned that Australia would not be intimidated by such things. The threat posed by China to the country’s national security has been vigorously debated in Australian political circles since the attack.  

MorrisonLast week, a Chinese warship launched a laser attack on a P-8A Poseidon patrol aircraft patrolling the Arafura Sea region to the north of Australia. The laser used by the Chinese warship at that time was a military-grade, the Australian Defence Minister has informed. Australia has reported strong protests at the diplomatic level following the incident of attack by China. China has not responded to the incident almost four days following the attack.  

China warships were sailing in line with relevant international laws on Monday, which the Chinese Foreign Ministry has clarified. Simultaneously, Australia should stop spreading propaganda about China was warned. There has been an intense reaction from Australia to China’s statement. The Prime Minister of Australia has demanded a full investigation into the incident. At the same time, it has also warned that Australia’s resolve against China’s aggression has strengthened.  

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Opposition parties in Australia have also expressed their displeasure against China. They have said that discontent against China could only worsen due to these incidents. Elections are set to take place in Australia this year, whereon China’s actions are one of the important issues. Thus, there are indications that a laser attack from China has become a national security issue in Australia.  

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