Pro-Ukrainian groups strike Russia’s Belgorod; Russia claims 70 killed in retaliatory attacks

Pro-Ukrainian groups strike Russia’s Belgorod; Russia claims 70 killed in retaliatory attacks

Pro-Ukrainian groups strike Russia's BelgorodMoscow/Kyiv: Ukraine shook Russia on Monday after Russia’s occupation of Bakhmut and its attacks in different parts of Ukraine. Pro-Ukraine groups infiltrated the Belgorod region on the UkraineRussia border and launched a heavy attack. Ukrainian groups also claimed to have captured a city in the attack. However, the Russian armed forces repulsed the attack by taking aggressive action. The Russian Defence Ministry reported that 70 people were killed during the operation.

On Monday, two groups, trained by Ukraine and Western agencies and consisting of Russian citizens, infiltrated the Russian border and carried out a heavy attack in the Belgorod region. It has been revealed that these soldiers are members of two groups, ‘Freedom of Russia Legion’ and ‘Russian Volunteer Corps’. They were wearing military uniforms. The soldiers had claimed in social media posts that they were Russian citizens opposed to Putin’s regime.  

Pro-Ukrainian groups strike Russia's BelgorodBefore this attack, the Ukrainian Army had launched a large number of attacks with artillery guns and tanks in the Belgorod border area. It is believed that the said group members entered the Russian border by taking advantage of this attack. Both groups have been found to have armoured vehicles, rockets and other advanced weapons. Drone attacks were also carried out in Belgorod as pro-Ukraine groups launched attacks. A part of Russian territory was also claimed to have been captured by them during this attack. This attack is said to be the biggest attack ever to be carried out by penetrating the Russian border. After this attack, Russia immediately evacuated the citizens of the nearby areas and undertook a massive campaign. Retaliatory operations were initiated to crack down on these attacks with the help of helicopters, fighter planes and drones. The operation of the Russian armed forces was going on for more than 12 hours. In this operation, 70 people from pro-Ukraine groups were killed, and their weapons stockpile was also destroyed, a Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson said.  

Pro-Ukrainian groups strike Russia's BelgorodUkraine has confirmed reports of an attack in Belgorod. But they have shirked the responsibility for the attacks by claiming that Russian groups had launched them. Russian authorities have alleged that the group received training from Ukraine and Western countries. These groups have been referred to as terrorist groups by Russia. After the start of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, the Belgorod region, situated close to the sea, has been continuously targeted.  

Even prior to Monday’s attacks, there were reports of at least three attacks in Belgorod. However, Ukraine and Western media have stated that these attacks as likely a ‘false flag attack’ by Russia. However, Monday’s episode has come as a shock to Russia’s defence systems, and there are indications that there may be many such attacks in the future. 

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