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China’s ‘DN-3’ Anti-Satellite Missile tests are preparation for space war, claim US & allies

China had been trying to create an anti-satellite missile for the past seven decades. The Communist regime had not revealed any information about this. But, the US and its European allies are claiming that the recent missile tests conducted by China is nothing but preparation for the space war.

Anti-Satellite Missile, tests, DN-3, missile, space war, China, US satelliteIn 2007, China had destroyed its own satellite, launching the ‘SC-19’ anti-satellite missile for the first time. China had fired the missile from a submarine. Chinese military has claimed that China has increased the range of its missiles and the ‘Dong Neng – 3’(DN-3) missile can hit a target up to 18,600 miles. China is said to have tested this missile successfully in February. The US has claimed this missile to be an anti-satellite missile.

In 2006, China has used a ‘Directed Energy Weapons’(DEW), meaning Laser to target a US satellite. Although the Chinese laser did not cause damage to the satellite, China put the safety of all the space satellites in jeopardy.


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