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New epidemic could kill 30 million people in 6 months, warns Bill Gates

Washington – ‘We must prepare to face an epidemic in the very same way we prepare for war because a terrible epidemic could kill more than 30 million people in just six months’, warned Bill Gates, the co-founder of world famous company ‘Microsoft’.

‘Massachusetts Medical Society’ and the ‘New England Journal of Medicine’ from the United States had organized a ‘free live web event’ by the name – ‘Epidemics Going Viral’. It was during this discussion that Bill Gates gave his opinion on epidemics and their mitigation strategies.

‘The whole world including the United States is falling short in preparing for the pandemic. If the world was faced with a making of weapons to kill 30 million people, all the nations would have acted swiftly. But no one is ready to act on the biological threats’, blamed Bill Gates.

‘If we study history well, we will understand that the world is faced with the possibility of an outbreak of an epidemic in the near future. The outbreak could happen in a decade and we lack preparations to face it. Though we have been making significant progress in the battles to win over polio and malaria, we have not progressed in countering epidemics in a similar manner’, Gates warned the world community in no unclear terms.

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates have been working in the health sector for the last few years and have funded various initiatives in the sector in a big way. During this period Bill Gates has not only consistently issued serious warnings about global epidemics and biological terrorism but has also held discussions with various world leaders on the same.

It was just last year that Gates had warned about the possibility of terrorists using biological weapons to kill 30 million people and also about the threat posed by biological terrorism to the global security. Gates had asserted this threat to be much larger than that of the global climate change.

The consistent warnings that are being issued by Bill Gates about the biological terrorism and epidemics point to their increasing significance. The international community has shown higher seriousness about proliferation of nuclear and chemical weapons; and with this, the United States, the United Kingdom and France launched massive attacks on Syria retaliating to the chemical attacks there. But despite the horrors of biological attacks, there is a general lack of considerable awareness about it, complain experts.


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