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US aircrafts targeted with ‘Laser’ from Chinese base in Djibouti, China denies allegation

Djibouti / Washington – United States Department of Defense has accused China of targeting its military aircrafts flying near Djibouti in Africa with ‘Laser’ from its naval base. Department of Defense has reported of China using the lasers for over two weeks and which has resulted in injuring of two US pilots. China has denied the allegations calling them baseless.

The headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, the Pentagon in a briefing reported of US military aircraft being targeted by the Chinese. Pentagon spokesperson Dana White said, “In the past few weeks there have been close to 10 incidents of ‘Laser’ attacks from Chinese naval base in Djibouti. US is confident of China being responsible for the attack and that it was a very serious matter. The United States has formally registered a complaint with China.”

As informed by the US officials, ‘C-130’ and other military and surveillance aircraft have been targeted by the laser. Also on more than three incidents involved the use of military-grade lasers. Two aircrew members suffered eye injuries in the attack. US Department of Defense has urged its pilots to use extreme caution when transiting near Djibouti.
China has termed the US allegations as completely futile. The Chinese defense ministry has assured and affirms its abidance to the international laws.

US to deploy ‘Laser Weapons’ on warships

Washington – The United States has signalled to deploy advance laser weapons systems on its warships. In the near future, US would replace ‘Gatling Guns’ and ‘Missile Launchers’ with the latest ‘Helios’ laser weapon system. Currently US has laser weapons deployed on more than two warships, however the advance version of the weapons is under testing. This announcement comes as response from US after a confirmation of US aircrafts targeted with Laser by the Chinese in Djibouti.

There has been a serious consideration to the use of laser weapons to counter threats from drones, small boats and missiles. Very soon these will be replacing the existing systems, as informed by sources in Department of Defense. Russia and China, major competitors of US have already developed hypersonic and plasma weapons. Present and former US officials have warned of Russia and China possessing much advance weapons as compared to the US.


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