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By withdrawing from Iran nuclear deal, Trump has severed ties between US & Europe, criticizes investor George Soros

Iran nuclear dealParis – ‘US President Donald Trump has severed the close ties with countries across the Atlantic. This has greatly affected the European countries which will never depend upon the United States for cooperation and security, henceforth. Europe is currently struggling for its existence,’ claimed renowned investor George Soros. At the same time, Soros also claimed that he had a plan which will help solve the problems faced by Europe.

Soros, a billionaire investor, who has supported the refugee influx into Europe, is caught in a whirlwind of controversies for the past few months. There is an anti-Soros environment especially in Hungary and a few other European countries. Soros is also known as a critic of President Trump’s policies. While speaking before the think-tank, ‘European Council on Foreign Relations’, Soros heavily criticised the policies of Donald Trump.

While United Kingdom, France and Germany have taken a stand in favour of the Iran nuclear deal, Trump has taken a unilateral decision to withdraw the United States from the deal. By doing so Trump has severed the close ties that the United States shared with the European countries. Moreover, by asking the NATO member countries to increase the expenditure on their own security, Trump has delivered another blow to these ties. The United States has played an important role in the security of the European nations after the Second World War and even during the Cold War days. But Trump has changed this policy and has made clear that the United States will not offer its resources or funds for European security anymore.

Soros said that this is a major shock to Europe and the European countries cannot depend on the United States for their security anymore. At the same time, we must also accept the harsh reality that Europe is fighting for its own survival, claimed Soros. Soros drew attention to the problems faced by Europe like the migrant crisis, the countries wanting to exit from the European Union as well as the financial  crises which have weakened the EU. Terming the issue of countries like Hungary, Italy and Poland being sceptical about the future of the European Union to be a major problem, Soros expressed displeasure about it.

Leaders like the Hungarian President Victor Orban have exaggerated the extent of the refugee problem. This has created a morbid atmosphere and the European Union needs to take concrete steps to come out of it. The Union should turn the focus of its member countries towards the defence and economic benefits that could be accrued by staying united. Soros expressed confidence that if this happens, the countries would continue to remain in the EU in order to reap those benefits, despite their political differences. At the same time, Soros also advised that the European Union should stop insisting on the use of a single currency.

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