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Discussion between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Jordanian King Abdullah

Jerusalem – Jordanian King Abdullah had warned that if the United States moved its embassy to Jerusalem, there would be severe repercussions from the Gulf countries. Jordan had also taken a position opposing the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip and the action against the Palestinian protestors. Although there is no apparent change in the Jordanian position, the meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Jordanian King Abdullah is giving different indications. The United States has welcomed this meeting.

NetanyahuThere was no prior disclosure of the meeting which took place on Monday, information about which was released by the Israeli sources only after the meeting. As per the news reports of Israeli media, the meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Jordanian King Abdullah was held in the Jordanian capital of Amman. It is said that Yossi Kohen, the Director of the Israeli intelligence agency ‘Mossad’, Eliezer Toledano, the Military Secretary to the Israeli Prime Minister and a team of Israeli national security advisors, also attended the meeting.

In their meeting, Prime Minister Netanyahu and King Abdullah discussed important topics pertaining to the Middle East. As per Israeli sources, the discussions were about the violent protests by Hamas in the Gaza Strip and the negotiations with the Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas. The Jordanian government mouthpiece claimed that the leaders also discussed about the issue of religious places in Jerusalem.

Jason Greenblatt, appointed by the US as the special envoy for Israel-Palestine peace talks, has welcomed the meeting between Prime Minister Netanyahu and King Abdullah. Greenblatt said that this meeting between Israel and Jordan, to discuss important issues in the Middle East is significant for the region. Netanyahu and Abdullah have had meetings even in the past, but this meeting assumes greater importance from the perspective of the Israel-Palestine peace talks, claimed the United States media.

Meanwhile, US special envoy Greenblatt and President Trump’s advisor and son-in-law, Jared Kushner are reaching the Middle Eastin the next few hours. Kushner is scheduled to visit Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Israel with the proposal for the Israel-Palestine peace talks. However, Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas has already announced that the proposal is not acceptable to Palestine.

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