Ukrainian President warns of ‘Third World War’  

Ukrainian President warns of ‘Third World War’  

Kyiv – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned, ‘I’m ready for negotiations with him (President Putin). But if these attempts fail, that would mean that this is a Third World War.’ Russia has continued airstrikes and artillery fire on the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, signalling a surrender. However, Ukraine has rejected Russia’s demand, and the Ukrainian President has issued a threat of a Third World War.  

Ukrainian President, तीसरें विश्‍वयुद्धThere was news of an ammonia leak in the Sumi city of Ukraine on the 26th day of the war. The reason for this is not yet apparent. Besides, Russia, along with other Ukrainian cities, has continued a spate of gruesome attacks on the city of Mariupol. Ukraine’s President Zelensky has issued new threats to Russia, rejecting Russia’s warning of surrender. Ukraine is ready for talks. But Zelensky demanded that Russian President Putin should participate in the talks. At the same time, if the talks fizzle out, World War III will erupt, Zelensky warned. Earlier, Zelensky had demanded direct talks with Putin. But Russia has not paid attention to it.  

Zelensky has accused Russia of attacking Ukrainian cities and killing innocent civilians. Now the US, too, has accused Russia of firing 1,100 missiles in Ukraine so far. Just last week, US President Joe Biden had commented on Russian President Vladimir Putin being a war criminal. Russia has responded by issuing summons to the US ambassador. Russia’s Foreign Ministry has warned US ambassadors that such statements by President Biden could lead to a complete break in US-Russian relations.  

Meanwhile, it has been reported Russia killed more than 100 contract soldiers fighting alongside Ukraine in airstrikes conducted in one of the northern provinces of Ukraine. Even last week, Russia claimed to have killed 180 contract soldiers fighting for Ukraine in the Ukrainian city of Lviv. 

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