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More than 1 million people displaced due to ethnic conflicts in Ethiopia: UN report

Ethnic conflicts have been upsurging for the past 3 months in Ethiopia in the African continent forcing as many as 1.2 million Ethiopians to move away from their homes, reported the United Nations. The intensity of the conflicts which rose in the month of June has left about 8 million people homeless and fear is being expressed that this number may increase in the near future.

Ethiopia, ethnic conflicts, Somali, UN, Third World War, displaced, Africa, Abiy AhmedIssues over ownership of land and other resources have triggered conflicts amongst the Ethiopian Somalis and other citizens from the Gedeo province in south Ethiopia and West Guji. Due to these increasing ethnic conflicts, the then Prime Minister, ‘Hailemariam Desalegn’  was forced to resign from his post.

Following this, in the month of April, ‘Abiy Ahmed, ‘ was newly appointed as the Prime Minister. But the new report highlights that he too seems to have failed to bring the ethnic conflicts under control.

In the conflicts which have started from the month of April, many had to lose their lives and the number of homeless people and those who are displaced from their homes have been significantly increasing by the day. The military has been deployed in Ethiopia with the government failing to curb the violence. But despite the presence of the military, the violence in these provinces has not decreased even a bit, states the UN report.

It is to be noted that Ethiopia is the second largest country in the continent of Africa.

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