Sweden bans China’s Huawei and ZTE from its 5G networks  

Sweden bans China’s Huawei and ZTE from its 5G networks  

Stockholm: Sweden, recognised as one of Europe’s developed and leading nations, has announced of imposing a ban on China’s Huawei and ZTE from its 5G infrastructure. Sweden justified the ban by stating that China was one of the most prominent threats it was facing. In just ten days, Sweden has become the second leading European nation to deliver a blow to China over 5G technology. Previously, Belgium had not awarded Huawei contracts for 5G. As European countries are dealing successive blows to China, even Brazil, which is the biggest economy in Latin America, has indicated distancing itself from the Chinese company.  

Huawei and ZTE, ‘हुवेई’On Tuesday, the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) announced its decision of imposing a ban on the two Chinese firms. Sweden openly announced denying Chinese companies a place in its 5G networks as it stated that four of its telecommunications companies must not take any assistance from Chinese firms Huawei and ZTE for building 5G infrastructure. The country has instructed that equipment from Chinese firms must be removed if the current network is used for 5G. Swedish agencies revealed the decision was made after a report was submitted by Swedish military and security agencies. Also, Sweden’s decision is said to have been influenced by US pressure. The Swedish ban has once again delivered a massive blow to China while Huawei has responded by saying the decision was shocking and disappointing.  

Only ten days ago, another leading European nation Belgium had denied Huawei 5G contracts. EU, as well as NATO headquarters, are located in Belgium. Senior leaders and officials from several countries, therefore frequent the nation. Two years ago, China was found to have built a spy network in Belgium. Considering the security threat, Chinese companies are being left out of the 5G infrastructure, a Belgium official informed. Before Sweden and Belgium, the UK and France had also placed a ban on Chinese companies from entering the 5G sector. Germany has hinted at making its laws for 5G more stringent. So, Chinese companies might be kept away from the infrastructure. Besides, even Italy has assured of taking an appropriate decision with regard to Chinese companies after being pressurised by the US.  

Huawei and ZTE, ‘हुवेई’In the meanwhile, the US attempt to deal another blow to China has become successful. Latin America’s biggest economy Brazil, has also indicated imposing a ban on Chinese companies. Recently, US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien was on a Brazil tour. The US and Brazil signed trade deals during the visit. As part of the $1 billion agreement, the US has promised to provide Brazil significant financial assistance for building fundamental infrastructure for 5G. China is Brazil’s biggest trading partner. Even so, the deal it struck with the US and indications regarding 5G from Brazil, are noteworthy.   

China’s tech giant Huawei is considered the leading company in 5G technology. Huawei, which has a close association with the ruling Chinese Communist regime and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), has ramped up preparations for spreading its 5G network in most leading nations across the globe. However, since these nations have begun to take stern action one after another, ambitions of Huawei and the Chinese Communist Party to dominate the technology industry, appear to have been foiled.  

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