US tests ‘Gravity Nuclear Bomb’

US tests ‘Gravity Nuclear Bomb’

Washington – The United States has created a sensation with the announcement of testing the ‘B61-12 Gravity Nuclear Bomb’. This ‘Gravity Nuclear Bomb’ is more destructive than a nuclear bomb and the extent of damages is much more horrific than that of a nuclear explosion. This appears to be a stern warning to nations like Russia and China challenging the United States. This test is said to be a part of the ambitious USD 1.2 trillion project undertaken by the Trump administration.

‘Gravity Nuclear Bomb’The US Airforce and the ‘National Nuclear Security Administration’, a unit under the US Energy Department conducted this test at Nevada on the 9th of June. This test of the ‘B61-12 Gravity Nuclear Bomb’ did not involve the use of nuclear explosives, as per the information given by the US agencies. A ‘B-2A’ bomber was used to drop this bomb. The ‘Gravity Nuclear Bomb’ had been deployed on the United States and NATO bases since the past five decades, though it had never been tested. But the United States had prepared to use another nuclear bomb, in case a nuclear strike had to be carried out, as the Gravity Nuclear Bomb is extremely destructive and has a huge devastation capacity. Hence, being aware of this potential damage which would exceed all expectations, the United States had adopted this policy.

The damage from the explosion of Gravity Nuclear Bomb can extend up to much higher altitudes than the nuclear bomb. The range of the Gravity Nuclear Bomb is also much greater than the nuclear bomb. However, the United States has not revealed the exact details of the annihilation that this bomb can cause. Against this background, the significance of the Gravity Nuclear Bomb test has increased tremendously. The manufacturing of B61-12 Gravity Nuclear Bombs will be completed by 2020, informed the US agencies. The United States plans to deploy the B61-12 Gravity Nuclear Bombs aboard the super advanced fighter jets ‘F-35 Lightning II’.

The United States had prepared a ‘Nuclear Posture Review’ in the month of January. The report recommended the United States to increase its nuclear capability to surpass countries like Russia and China. Taking note of this, President Trump had undertaken a program to augment nuclear capability with a provision of USD 1.2 trillion.

Out of this, USD 800 billion will be used for maintenance of the nuclear weapons already in possession of the US, whereas USD 400 billion will be spent on their modernisation.

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