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President Xi Jinping’s one-man rule receives jolts

London: President Xi Jinping’s one-man rule in China is receiving jolts along with the Chinese economy that is getting affected due to the trade war with the United States. Chinese analysts have begun to openly criticise the policies adopted by President Jinping. At the same time, the reformists and intellectuals in the Communist Party of China, a party under Jinping’s complete control, have started expressing regret saying that all the developments of the last forty years have gone down the drain.

A few days ago, there were reports of Chinese children being administered inferior quality vaccines. The scandal was linked directly to the supreme Chinese leader Jinping. Before this, Xi Jinping, after assuming power had asserted that there will be strict action against corruption and malpractices of all forms and everyone including even the high-ranking officials and leaders would not be spared. His image as a leader against corruption has suffered a jolt due to the scandal. At the same time, the declining Chinese economy is considered to be the biggest challenge faced by him.

The Chinese economy has slowed down under the stress of the trade war with the United States. The intensifying trade war has shown signs of adding further stress to the Chinese economy. The Chinese analysts are questioning the aggressive foreign and economic policies in view of this situation. The over-aggressive economic policies are projecting China as an expansionist country and have put all the countries on a caution. The matter can cost China dearly, claimed an analyst. The huge investments made by China in foreign countries under the ‘One Belt One Road’(OBOR) initiative have also come under severe criticism.

The economists have pointed out that instead of the humongous investments in foreign countries, the Chinese President was expected to invest more in his own country. Moreover, Jinping has put an end to the political reform processes initiated after the tenure of Mao Tse-tung. Some analysts have intensified the criticism saying that Jinping has in fact politically regressed China.

China is under the dictatorial rule of the Communist Party of China and as of today, Jinping has absolute control over the party. However, Jinping’s woes are increasing due to the threats to the Chinese economy and the rising discontent among the Chinese public over it. It is certainly not mere coincidence that the reformists and intellectuals from the Communist Party have started criticising President Jinping at this point. Although the brewing discontent does not threaten Jinping’s regime, it clearly indicates that his one-man rule has begun to receive jolts. The western media has highlighted this matter and according to the experts, the opposition to President Jinping in China will only intensify in the time to come.

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