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North Korean government mouthpiece accuses US of preparing to target the country

Pyongyang – US President Donald Trump had earlier announced the cancellation of US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo’s visit to North Korea. Although there was no direct reaction from the dictatorial regime of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un , the mouthpiece of the North Korean ruling party has blamed the United States of preparing to attack the country. The mouthpiece also claimed that the military movements of the United States have already started near the Okinawa Island in Japan.

North Korean government, blamed, Kim Jong-Un,  Donald Trump, denuclearisation, US, JapanAfter the discussions between US President Donald Trump and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un in Singapore a few weeks ago, an end of the North Korean nuclear problem seemed to be in sight. A few days ago, President Trump had indicated that he was prepared to meet Kim Jong-un once again. However, alleging that the denuclearization process was not gaining the expected speed, President Trump declared the cancellation of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s North Korea visit. The United States was not getting the necessary cooperation from China for North Korean denuclearization, he accused. China and North Korea had expressed regret over the decision.

No vitriolic reaction was openly received from the North Korean regime. Nevertheless, they have ensured that their sentiment reached the international stage. ‘Rodong Sinmun’, the mouthpiece of the North Korean ruling party, accused the United States of playing a different game with North Korea under the disguise of discussions. It said, the United States is faking the dialogue with a smile on its face. By stating that in reality, the United States is planning to attack North Korea, the state-run newspaper accused the United States of contradicting itself.

While it mentioned the US military movements near the Okinawa Island in Japan, the Rodong Sinmun claimed that these US army manoeuvres are only to target North Korea. However, the paper did not disclose a reliable source for the information. There is a large US military base on the Okinawa Island in Japan. The island has more than 47,000 US troops deployed there. Military exercises are conducted on a regular basis on the island as also are major military movements. Which one of these exercises or movements was a preparation to attack North Korea, has not been specified by Rodong Sinmun.

Despite that, the international analysts are giving serious consideration to the US President’s decision of cancelling US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to North Korea. The criticism which President Trump slapped on China while announcing this decision is also significant. As a result, there are indications of worsening of the dilemma over North Korean nuclear weapons program.

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