Israel will have to pay a price for Palestinian President’s mistake, Hamas warns Israel and Palestinian President Abbas

Israel will have to pay a price for Palestinian President’s mistake, Hamas warns Israel and Palestinian President Abbas

Gaza: The power struggle between the two political factions in Palestine has intensified, and Hamas from the Gaza Strip has warned Israel. Hamas warned that if Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian President in West Bank tries to pressurise the Gaza Strip, Israel will have to pay the price for it. Hamas also accused the Abbas administration of cornering the Gaza Strip.

A ceasefire has been imposed between Israel and Hamas with mediation from Egypt, and Israel has opened the Gaza borders. Following this, trucks loaded with humanitarian supplies have arrived at Gaza. Hamas leader Ismail Haniya has expressed satisfaction over the Israeli action of withdrawing these restrictions imposed on Gaza. However, Israel has clarified that the restrictions have been relaxed and not removed. Israel has also warned that the restrictions will continue to put a stop to the smuggling of arms.

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Hamas issued a warning, criticising the Israeli decision to continue with the restrictions. Hamas accused that Fatah Chief Mahmoud Abbas from West Bank, of being responsible for these restrictions imposed by Israel on the Gaza Strip, since the last ten years. ‘If Abbas continues with or increases the restrictions on the Gaza Strip, we will hold Israel responsible for it, and we will make Israel pay for it,’ warned Hamas. Even in the past, the group had accused Abbas of being responsible for the crisis faced by the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

The Arab countries are demanding elected governments for both, the Gaza Strip and West Bank in Palestine. Egypt is making efforts to work out a truce between two opposition parties of Hamas from Gaza and Fatah from the West Bank, to achieve this. Nevertheless, these two groups are not willing for a settlement. The Palestinian Authority (PA) of President Abbas from West Bank, recognised by the United States as also the Western and Arab countries, has started claiming rights over the Gaza Strip.

‘Hamas should give up their right over the Gaza Strip and accept the leadership of the PA,’ demanded Abbas in the last week. Abbas also clarified that Hamas should relinquish all the rights over Gaza immediately. However, Hamas has refused to participate in the PA and claimed to have supporters in the West Bank which is under the Abbas administration. This shows that the power struggle has flared up between these two factions for the West Bank.

Hamas also accused the PA President Abbas of making a demand to Israel, to maintain the economic and political pressures on Gaza. Palestinian President Abbas had warned Israel a few weeks ago not to remove the blockade on the Gaza border. It goes to show that the power struggle between Hamas and Fatah is intensifying for control over Palestine.

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