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US mid-term elections 2018: Trump’s G.O.P consolidates hold over the Senate; Democrats capture the House of Representatives

Washington – The results of the US mid-term elections, which would be a critical factor in influencing Trump’s political future, have been declared. The President’s Republican Party has retained control over the Senate, and Trump has claimed it to be a tremendous success. Nevertheless, the results are suggestive of claims over a decline in Trump’s popularity and the US citizens turning against him, to have turned right. Even so, by taking control over the House of Representatives, the Democrats have presented challenges before President Trump, claim political analysts.

The mid-term elections were looked upon as an indicant to know the disposition of the US citizens towards Trump’s tenure so far. Also, the Democratic Party had claimed that the mid-terms could be the opportunity needed to save the US from Trump. However, if the Democrats won the elections, there would be bloodshed in the US, Trump had warned. So not only did the political future of Trump seem to be on the line in the election, but also that of his opposition. Some of the leaders and supporters of the Democratic Party had also claimed that Trump’s Party would suffer a significant loss in the elections and that his government would collapse.

Notwithstanding, Trump’s Party has attained success in consolidating its control over the Senate post the mid-term election. It has thus, silenced the opposition, who had claimed that a wave of public outcry would flare up against Trump. The Democratic Party has gained control over the House once again. Moreover, Democratic Party leader, Nancy Pelosi has made a suggestive statement saying her party would take up the responsibility of monitoring the working of the Trump Administration.

Due to a majority of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives,  President Trump may be faced with more challenges. It is already being debated that the Democratic Party may stop President Trump’s decisions and pose challenges to his policies. President Trump has, nevertheless, expressed his satisfaction over the results claiming it to be a tremendous success.

The political analysts claim that votes cast in such large numbers express the strong sentiments of the voters, both in favour of Trump as also the ones opposed. At the same time, they have also said the elections certified that Trump’s popularity had, in fact not declined.

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