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Saudi Prince MBS to meet Israel PM Netanyahu with US President Trump’s mediation, claims a Qatari site

London – Israeli leaders openly claim, ‘Israel is not an enemy of Saudi. However, Iran is the real enemy of all the Middle Eastern countries’. The claim has received a positive response from Saudi Arabia as well. Given the changing equations in the Middle East, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman may hold a meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A Qatari website has reported of a secret Camp David-style meeting likely to be held between Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump. The site has claimed that the meeting would lead to change change in the Middle East’s equations.

Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has prepared for the meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister after due discussions with his special officials. Saudi sources informed the Qatari website that Prince Mohammed has ordered to arrange the tripartite meeting with the mediation from US President Donald Trump. Crown Prince Mohammed’s image was tarnished after the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. He is keen to clear his image for which he expects Israel’s help. Prince Mohammed is therefore very interested in the meeting, the website has claimed.

The website referred to the ‘Begin-Sadat’ meeting held at ‘Camp David’ in 1978. After the conflicts which had occurred between Israel and the Arab nations, the then US President Jimmy Carter had taken the initiative to hold successful peace talks between Israeli and Egyptian leaders. The meeting was held at Camp David between Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. Many secret meetings are held in the United States at Camp David in the state of Maryland. Also, information on the meetings held at Camp David is never publicised. Media is not permitted in the area and the place is under complete control of the US intelligence and the US President.

Prince Mohammed is also keen to hold Camp David-style discussions with Prime Minister Netanyahu and US President Trump. However, it is unclear if the meeting would be held at Camp David. Sources claim that Prince Mohammed wants to deliver the message of Saudi being keen on establishing peace in the Middle East through the meeting.

Prince Mohammed is currently facing harsh criticism for the Khashoggi killing. The US Senate and media have blamed Prince Mohammed of being the prime accused in the murder. They also suggest the United States discontinue military cooperation with Saudi Arabia. At the same time, the European countries have clearly stated that defence transactions would not be possible with Saudi Arabia in view of the Khashoggi killing. Nevertheless, President Trump announced that the United States could not sever ties with Saudi based on just one single incident.

Earlier too, reports of a secret meeting between Prince Mohammed and Prime Minister Netanyahu had surfaced. An Israeli daily had claimed that a meeting was held between the two in Amman with mediation from King Abdullah of Jordan. There have also been claims of discussions taking place between the officials of the US and UK’s intelligence agencies. Even so, both the countries have not given any official response regarding it.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Netanyahu had already declared that Israel was willing to have friendly cooperation with Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East. A month ago, Prime Minister Netanyahu made his intentions clear regarding the cooperation by taking the initiative of visiting Oman himself while also sending his ministers for a visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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