Russian launches major attacks in Donbas and north & south Ukraine 

Russian launches major attacks in Donbas and north & south Ukraine 

Moscow/Kyiv: In the last 24 hours, Russian forces have launched major offensives in the Donbas region and southern and northern Ukraine, according to the Russian Defence Ministry. Over 50 attacks were carried out in the Donbas region’s Bakhmut, Kreminna, Avdiivka, Western Donetsk and Vuhledar regions. Russia targeted the southern Ukrainian city of Odesa with drones and the Chernihiv region in northern Ukraine with mortars. Even as these attacks by Russia are underway, the attacks by the Ukrainian forces in the Donbas region are part of a counteroffensive, the Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine has claimed.  

Donbas More than 400 days have passed since the Russia-Ukraine conflict began, and it only seems to be escalating by the day. Intense fighting in Bakhmut has drawn international attention over the past few weeks, with Russia gaining control of most of the city. On Tuesday, Russian assault teams captured three new parts of the city, the Russian Defense Ministry informed. However, despite continuous attacks by Russia, the Ukrainian Army has refused to withdraw from the city, and more than 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers are said to still be in West Bakhmut. 

While Russia has prioritized control over Bakhmut, it has not let the intensity of attacks in other areas lessen. According to new information, from Kharkiv province in the north to the city of Odesa in the south, Russian forces have continued their attacks. On Wednesday night, Russia launched a drone attack on Odessa. More than ten suicide drones were used for the attacks. Ukrainian forces claimed to have shot down some of the drones used to carry out the Russian drone strikes. 

On Wednesday and in the early hours of Thursday, Russia launched as many as 30 attacks on the city of Vuhledar in the Donetsk region. Missiles, rockets and artillery guns were used for these attacks. At the same time, the Russian Defence Ministry informed that a large number of attacks were launched in Avdiivka, Kremmina, Western Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia regions. On Tuesday, the Russian Defence Ministry also said that more than 600 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in Russian military operations.  

Meanwhile, a senior Ukrainian minister claimed that the operations being carried out by Ukrainian forces in Bakhmut, along with Marinka, Avdiivka, and Lyman, are part of the counteroffensive against Russia. Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar has said that the Ukrainian forces are launching attacks on the Russian Army in these areas, which could be called counteroffensive operations. Maliar’s remarks have called into question claims that Ukraine will launch a major counteroffensive campaign.  

Activity of Russian ‘spy ships’ has increased in Europe’s North Sea – Nordic countries claim  

Oslo: The Nordic countries have claimed that the activities of ‘spy ships’, which are part of the Russian Navy, have increased significantly in Europe’s ‘North Sea’ area. This matter came to the fore through an investigation conducted by the public broadcasting companies of four countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. The intelligence agencies and the media have expressed the suspicion that Russia’s ‘spy ships’ are spying on the Nordic countries’ fuel and energy projects and military exercises. 

For the past few months, the Russian research ship, ‘Admiral Vladimirsky’, has been found operating in the North Sea for a long time, and the Nordic countries have accused it of being a surveillance ship. Russia has denied the allegations and called the claims baseless. 

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