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US helicopters spotted over Manbij after Turkey’s ground forces enter Syria

Damascus – Tensions have risen in northern Syria while the Syrian military has taken control of Manbij province after an appeal from the Kurds. The Syrian army and the Kurds have reached a consensus to jointly participate in the fight against terrorism. However, within minutes of the Syrian army’s announcement of the deployment in Manbij, a video was released showing a US helicopter flying over the border city.

On Friday morning, the Syrian military announced of taking control over Manbij. Following the announcement, a senior official of the Syrian army informed in a video that it had established cooperation with the Kurdish YPG rebel militia. Within minutes of the announcement, a video of a US helicopter flying over the central city in Manbij was released. Furthermore, analysts claimed that the presence of the US helicopter in the region was a warning for the Assad regime.

As concerns were being voiced over the US helicopter’s presence in Syria, a large contingent of Turkish military was reportedly said to have entered Syria through the northern border. A video of the Turkish soldiers entering the city of Jarabulus in Syria’s Aleppo Governorate had gone viral. Moreover, Turkey has warned the Syrian military not to join hands with the Kurdish rebels or it would have to face the Turkish army.

Given the current situation, a special meeting is scheduled between the officials of Russia and Turkey in the next few hours. Significant developments have occurred following the announcement of US military withdrawal from Syria. Also, the Syrian military and the Kurds have joined hands for the very first time. It disturbed Turkey while naturally inviting its reaction. At the same time, the repercussions of the US helicopters flying over Syria’s Manbij, after the US deciding to cooperate with Turkey on Syria, may soon be seen.

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