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With US backing, Venezuela opposition initiates resistance against Maduro for restoring democracy

Caracas / Washington – The Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guaido indicated of a democratic revolt in the country, saying that the constitution grants him the rights to take over as the president and all he needed now was the support of the Venezuelan people. It is the first open appeal challenging President Nicolas Maduro, who has illegitimately become the president for the second time. The Venezuelan resistance reportedly has the complete backing of the United States while the US National Security Advisor, John Bolton has openly asserted that the United States would use its influence for establishing democracy in Venezuela.

On Thursday, Nicolas Maduro was sworn-in once again as the president. Leaving apart the Latin American countries of Cuba and Bolivia as also Russia and China, no other country in the world supports Maduro. A total of seventeen Latin American nations have denounced the Maduro regime as illegitimate, and the ‘Organisation of American States’ has openly declared their approval to Juan Guaido as the interim President of Venezuela.

Guaido held a massive rally in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas and declared to challenge the Maduro regime openly. Also, the opposition leaders announced the initiation of a new resistance against Maduro saying, ‘All of us will come together and change the situation in Venezuela. Together we will take the country to prosperity’. At the same time, Guaido made a call for nationwide protests which would be held on the 23rd of January against Maduro and even appealed to the Venezuelan military to participate.

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The Venezuelan opposition’s call for revolt has received overwhelming support globally. The United States, which for the last few months, is consistently trying to pressurise Venezuela through sanctions, has declared complete support for the new Venezuelan agitation. US National Security Advisor Bolton clarified that the United States would firmly stand behind the Venezuelan opposition front. ‘The United States does not recognise the illegitimate Maduro regime. The people of Venezuela have raised their voices against Maduro and the United States is in complete support of Guaido’s courageous decision.’

Apart from the United States, Canada and the European Union (EU) have also refused to recognise the Maduro regime.

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