Hezbollah threatens to strike ‘deep inside’ Israel after it retaliates with 100 shells in Lebanon

Hezbollah threatens to strike ‘deep inside’ Israel after it retaliates with 100 shells in Lebanon

Tel Aviv/Beirut: After Hezbollah’s anti-tank missile attack on the northern Israeli city of Avivim, Israel was outraged and fired more than 100 artillery shells in Lebanon. Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah threatened, “Israel has crossed the ‘red line’ by attacking our locations, and we will soon initiate a new conflict against Israel. We will launch attacks deep inside Israel.”

Fierce anti-tank missile attacks were made from Lebanon on the northern cities in Israel, on Sunday evening. The Israeli air defence systems already deployed at the borders neutralised few missiles while a few landed in farms near the border. As a result, certain areas at Israel’s borders had caught fire.

Within a few minutes of the action, the IDF launched more than 100 artillery shells in Shebaa Farms and neighbouring regions. The details on the extent of the destruction it may have caused, however, has not been revealed as yet. Hezbollah was infuriated with Israel’s attacks and has threatened to initiate a new conflict.

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah threatened Israel that ‘Henceforth if Israel attacked the Hezbollah locations in Lebanon, the security of the entire Israeli border and soldiers would be under threat. Israel has demonstrated strong aggression by carrying out drone attacks on our locations. A new conflict has sparked off due to Israel’s attacks, and there will no longer be red lines that Hezbollah with Israel. Hezbollah will strike deep inside Israel.’

Last week, Israel had pounded the locations of Hezbollah and Palestinian terrorist organisations, in Lebanon sending out the message that they will not be spared. Previously, they had destroyed a significant arms arsenal by attacking Iran and Hezbollah bases, in Syria and Iraq. Moreover, Israel has issued an ultimatum to Iran, by striking the Iranian proxy groups in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Gaza, especially Hezbollah. Also, Prime Minister Netanyahu had declared that Israel would not rest until it annihilates the ones that speak of destroying the land of Israel.

An Israeli military official had voiced possibility of Iran and entities supporting Gaza’s Hamas as also Hezbollah in Iraq-Lebanon-Syria launching a surprise attack on Israel. The official went on to warn Israel to remain prepared for the attacks. Albeit,Israel appears to have already prepared to brace for any likely assault.

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