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In a counter retort, Iran slams EU saying Europe itself has active terrorist and criminal groups

Tehran / Brussels – After the United States withdrew from the ‘Iran Nuclear Deal’, severe differences have developed between Iran and the European Union (EU), which had continued its cooperation with Iran. The EU has imposed sanctions against Iran, alleging it of developing missile and hatching conspiracies of terrorist attacks. Iran has hit back at the EU saying, ‘We are disappointed with such accusations and concerns of the Europeans, while in Europe itself terrorist and criminal groups are being active’. At the same time, Iran has also rejected the INSTEX – the alternative system that Germany, France and the United Kingdom proposed and set up to bypass the US sanctions.

INSTEX, facilitate the Iran-EU trade transactions, Special Purpose Vehicle, payment system, bypass US sanctions, ww3, Iran, FATFLast year, terrorist plots were busted in France, Germany and Belgium. During investigations, the terrorists arrested in the European countries were found to have a direct connection with Iran’s elite force, the Revolutionary Guards. Moreover, Iran also tested a ballistic missile last year. Criticising these Iranian activities, the EU had indicated imposing sanctions against the Middle Eastern country. Nevertheless, the EU had offered to reverse the sanctions if Iran gave up its terror activities in Europe as also its missile production.

Even so, Iran is firm on its stand of developing and testing missiles. The country threatened the EU of severe repercussions if they imposed sanctions yielding to the US pressure. On Monday, the EU imposed sanctions on one of Iran’s units and two officials. The bloc declared imposing sanctions against the Iranian groups, that posed a threat to the European security. Albeit, the Iranian Foreign Ministry threatened the EU over the sanctions. The Iranian Foreign Ministry expressed regret saying, ‘The unsubstantiated accusations, such as with regard to assassination attempts and attempted terrorist attacks in Europe, have been groundless and surprising from the very beginning. We are disappointed with such accusations and concerns of the Europeans’.

Also, Iran reprimanded the EU saying, ‘The European Union, which is accusing Iran of hostile activities, requires introspection. On the contrary, terrorist and criminal groups are active in Europe itself. Therefore, the bloc should not level accusations of terror against Iran.’ Furthermore, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards threatened the EU. ‘If the European Union continues to remain firm of its anti-Iran stand, we would be forced to boost the range of our missiles’, the Revolutionary Guards warned EU.

Iran even rejected Europe’s alternative payment system ‘INSTEX’, which is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) set up to facilitate the Iran-EU trade transactions, bypassing the US sanctions. They disapproved the EU proposal saying that it was not possible to conform to the regulations of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) if they activated the channel. The events have led to differences between Iran and the European Union acquiring serious proportions.

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