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Elections won’t affect Israel’s retaliatory action against terror attacks, Israeli PM Netanyahu warns Hamas

Jerusalem – ‘Hamas should not assume that the Israeli government and military would not retaliate against the terrorist attacks carried out in the border areas, given the upcoming elections in the country. If Israel is challenged, it will respond with a wide-ranging retaliatory operation in the Gaza Strip,’ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a stern warning.

Since the last four days, Hamas terrorists and their supporters in the Gaza Strip are carrying out rocket, mortar and balloon bomb attacks on the Israeli border areas. The Israeli fighter jets and military retaliated against the attacks but it has not deterred Hamas’ strikes. Given the developments, Israel would respond strongly to any violence from the Gaza Strip to curb Hamas attacks and establish peace in the Israeli border areas, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned while talking to the press after the weekly cabinet meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office.

Israel’s general elections are scheduled to be held on 9th of April. A public survey published two days earlier pointed at Prime Minister Netanyahu enjoying strong public support. Hassan Nasrallah, the chief of Lebanon-based, pro-Iran terror organisation Hezbollah had said that if Netanyahu was to be thrown out of power, attacks on Israel should continue consistently. Furthermore, Nasrallah had also appealed for launching simultaneous attacks on Israel from Lebanon, Syria and the Gaza Strip.

After Nasrallah appeal, ‘Hamas’ and ‘Islamic Jihad’ operatives carried out attacks on Israel. The Israel Defence Forces responded to them by hitting several targets. Nevertheless, the Hamas attacks have persistently continued despite Israel’s action while Prime Minister Netanyahu has warned the Gazan terror outfits, Hamas as well as the Islamic Jihad.

‘Hamas should not worry about the approaching elections in Israel. We will do everything necessary to restore security and quiet in Israel if any group from Gaza initiated attacks’, Netanyahu warned. The warning makes evident that the Israeli Prime Minister is preparing for a major operation against Hamas and other terrorist groups.

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