Interpol warns of a second wave of terrorism, “ISIS 2.0”, hitting Europe

Geneva – ‘Many ISIS supporters in the prisons Asia and Europe are due for a release in the near future. These extremist supporters, after their release, may join the ISIS once again,’ said Interpol, the international police organization, as it warned against the possible intensification of the ISIS terrorist attacks in Europe. In the month of March, the European intelligence agencies had warned against the extremists and terrorists due to be released from jails shortly becoming a security threat for Europe.

Only last week, five people were killed in a terrorist attack at Strasbourg in France. The attack was reportedly carried out by the extremist supporters of ISIS. Security experts and analysts have expressed fear over a string of terror attacks beginning in Europe. Given the backdrop, senior Interpol official Jurgen Stock’s warning becomes noteworthy.

The Interpol Secretary-General pointed out at a new wave of a terrorist threat to Europe by saying, ‘We could soon be facing a second wave of other Islamic State-linked or radicalised individuals that you might call ISIS 2.0. The terrorists are returning to Europe after their defeat in Iraq and Syria. The despondent terrorists are a cause of worry for the European agencies as they have nothing to lose. One must remember that the terrorists bear a war experience, are trained and have international contacts’, warned Stock.

The fifteen terror attacks that took place in Europe in 2017 claimed the lives of 80 people and left more than 800 injured. At a time when the European agencies are trying to stop terrorists coming from Syria and Iraq, they are faced with a new threat of the terrorists soon to be released from prisons.

In France, more than 500 suspected terrorists and extremists have been lodged in jails. As per sources, the extremists are due for a release before the year 2020. There are nearly 200 extremists in British prisons as well, who will be released soon. Also, more than 200 extremists were imprisoned after being charged with terrorism in Belgium, before and after the 2016 terrorist attack.

At the beginning of this month, IS released a poster which depicted ISIS terrorists with rifles walking in the city of Berlin. The poster also included the photograph of an ISIS terror attack carried out during Christmas of 2016. Previously, many threats of attacks on the immigrants in the European countries were also issued on social media.

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