US-China war may spark – Former US President Donald Trump 

US-China war may spark – Former US President Donald Trump 

Washington / Beijing – Former US President Donald Trump warned that the United States now has a weak and corrupt government. Besides, China no longer respects the US. This may spark a US-China war. Trump attacked with his sensational allegations as the US National Security Adviser was due to hold talks with China in Europe.  

Over the past few years, immense tensions pertain between the United States and China. The former US President had held China accountable, especially for the Coronavirus outbreak, trade row, violation of human rights, espionage, cyber-attacks and many other issues. He had taken many tough decisions, including the imposition of aggressive sanctions on China. However, since Biden took over as US President, it is being criticised that US curbs on China have been put to an end. While intruding Taiwan with fighter jets, China has shown that it does not care about the Biden administration. This exactly is the background behind Donald Trump’s severe warning.  

former US PresidentThe Biden administration endeavours to hold talks with China to adopt a more aggressive stance on Taiwan. Biden is said to have held a phone conversation with the Chinese president twice over the past month. Trump targeted Biden against the backdrop. In his statement, Trump has mentioned election fraud in the United States.  

Fake elections have led to the weak and corrupt government in the United States. Even a country like China does not respect this government. Therefore, there may be war between the US and China in impending times, claimed Trump. He further criticised the US administration for watching its military officers’ surrender to the Taliban and leaving $85 billion worth of advanced weapons for the Taliban.  

He accused the Democrats, who are currently in power in the United States. ‘The only thing the Radical Left Democrats, who are destroying our Nation, are good at is rigging elections and criminal activity. Our Country is in big trouble – we better get going fast!’ ex-US President said. 

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