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Fear of an Indian attack pushes Pakistan Air Force to increase activity

Islamabad: To test its defence preparedness, Pakistan used its highways for take-off and landing of the fighter jets. Also, the Pakistan Air Force made an announcement for it as also published videos of the exercise. At the same time, Chinese fighter jets have reportedly arrived in Pakistan. The fighter jets are said to have arrived here for the upcoming celebrations of the Pakistani National Day. Additionally, Pakistan has not yet fully opened its airspace due to fears of an Indian attack. The Pakistani state agencies stated that the decision was taken keeping the national security in view.

Since the last 20 days, the Pakistani airspace near the Indo-Pak borders was kept closed. Pakistan is suffering a revenue loss of millions of rupees and the decision to close its airspace is mounting further burden on Pakistan which is almost bankrupt. However, the decision was taken considering the national security. As per the state officials, the decision to open the airspace cannot be taken at the moment as India’s stance continues to remain aggressive against the country, the Pakistani media claimed.

Given the circumstances, Pakistan is trying to demonstrate its war preparedness by various means. On Monday, the PAF released a video which shows the footage of the Pakistani fighter jets taking off and landing on a highway at an undisclosed location. Furthermore, the PAF’s senior officials supervised the exercise. Such usage of the road for take-off and landing of the fighter jets is likely only in a war scenario. Therefore, Pakistan is trying to demonstrate its might through the exercise and the Pakistani media have highlighted the issue.

On the one hand, the Pakistani fighter jets are performing such exercises, and on the hand, the Chinese fighter jets have arrived in Pakistan. The National Day will be celebrated in Pakistan on the 23rd of March, and the Chinese fighter jets are believed to have come here to be a part of the parade. Even Turkey has sent its fighter jets to Pakistan to participate in the celebrations. Pakistan is said to be attempting to pressurise India through it. Nevertheless, all of the Pakistani efforts are meant to discourage India from attacking it and demonstrates the country’s insecurity.

Pakistan is spending a significant sum on its defence and should instead invest its money on the development of its human resources, the World Bank advised Pakistan in a policy report on Monday. In its report, the World Bank states that Pakistan spends almost 70% of its revenues on the military and is responsible for hampering the development of the nation. Even so, despite becoming nearly bankrupt due to its war-mongering policies, Pakistan is still not willing to give up its stand of wanting to teach India a lesson. Moreover, Pakistani analysts themselves have started criticising their nation for digging its own grave by protecting a terrorist like Masood Azhar. Therefore, responsible media groups from Pakistan are demanding that their state and China should stop protecting Azhar from the UN Security Council action. Whereas, the state’s hardliner groups have warned Pakistan not to take any action against the terrorists by succumbing to the pressures from India and the international community. It has led to a severe discord in Pakistan over the action the nation should take against terrorists, while even the main opposition parties have demanded the state to act against the terrorists.

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