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North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un’s Russia visit unsettles China, claims research analyst Jenny Town

London – US President Donald Trump has welcomed the historic discussions between North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un and Russian President Vladimir Putin. President Trump expressed gratitude towards the Russian efforts to resolve the North Korean issue. However, China is unsettled that Kim Jong-un bypassed China and met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. China’s concerns have grown as the North Korean President side-tracked China while proceeding on the Russian tour, research analyst Jenny Town claimed.

North Korean Leader, Russia visit , Kim Jong-un, Dictator, discussions, Russia, China, North KoreaTwo days ago, Kim Jong-un reached the Russian city of Vladivostok, in his luxury train. The North Korean Dictator met with the Russian President in the town and held discussions. During the talks, he provided an update on the negotiations with the United States as also presented his demands before President Putin. The Russian President too welcomed the stand the North Korean Dictator adopted on nuclear disarmament. Furthermore, Kim Jong-un also declared that he would present the demands before the US President to make the negotiations a success.

North Korean Leader, Russia visit , Kim Jong-un, Dictator, discussions, Russia, China, North KoreaHowever, Jenny Town, a research analyst from the Stimson Centre think tank, claimed that the Russia-North Korea talks have upset China. During an interview with a British radio channel, Town said that North Korea had deliberately bypassed China to meet Russia. ‘China was worried and unsettled as the North Korean Dictator presented his position directly before the Russian President instead of going through the Chinese channel for communications. Till date, China has always been the mediator for the North Korean nuclear and missile programs. Nevertheless,  China was upset as the Kim Jong-un had, for the first time, aligned with Russia, without giving any importance to China, Town said.

Also, the meeting underscored two crucial aspects, Town reminded – ‘The North Korean Dictator’s confidence was growing and he is presenting his position on the international forum. His growing confidence is indicative of China’s weakening influence’, Town claimed. ‘The North Korean Dictator has avoided visiting China even after the meeting with the Russian President. Therefore, China’s concerns are rising further’, Town stated while talking to the Russian radio channel.

Meanwhile, the US President has welcomed the reports of the meeting between Putin and Jong-un. Moreover, President Trump expressed confidence over the meeting stating that the meeting would prove beneficial in getting North Korea to agree over the nuclear disarmament.

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